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This was Sanz´s slogan. Knowing Perez I knew he was not bluffing. Figo has carried out the medical test and Perez has announced the presentation at 18:00.
Perez has already set an agreement with Telefonica on Figo´s image rights worth 60 million dollars per year. That is to say, Figo´s wages are going to be paid almost by himself. Addiotionally, and as an example of Perez´s management he has gotten an sponsor for the presentation for 500.000 dollars.
I´m expecting the moment to see Figo in Real´s shirt. Big blow for Gaspart who said he had an strategy to convince Figo to stay...Promises untrue :D:D:D

You just say what you want Paulo, because in a few hours Figo is Real Madrid's! :)

Guys, do you think Figo can be a real Madridista and denounce his Barca past? I don't think so but I'd love for him to score against Barca and tell the world how much better a club Real Madrid is anyway. From the way this transfer was brought out I doubt if I could ever completely trust the guy, but heck, since he'll be represnting our colors come next season...Hala Figo! Hope you repay your price tag with a La Liga and Champions League trophy and goals against Barca and a Copa del Rey too!
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