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Figo > Lazio ?

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Figo said he wants to go to Lazio. Barça will only release him from his contract if Lazio pays 60 million Euro. Figo's manager said that wasn't any problem.....
Figo is a great player, but let's take a look at SF's system: he doesn't play with wings. Only one offensive midfielder. There isn't a place where Figo can really do what he is good at. It'll be a loss, but 60 million Euro is enough I think....
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Jose Veiga, Figo's agent puts it this way "There is an 80% chance that Figo will leave". He only wants to get Figo out. It makes me very sad to see this happening. Veiga does not even want to negotiate with anyone at Barca. I love Figo. I just can't see us without him. But once i step back from my emotional tantrum and then see things from a footballing view, I realize that our new system probably will not fit for Figo. I see it this way. If he goes to Lazio, we may end up getting players, I would like to get Nesta, Veron, De La Pena + money for him. I would also like to see Barca use part of the transfer fee to get Zizou, the man to play in the free midfielder role in SF new system. Footballers come and go, I realize that. It is a business. But Figo is more than a player. He is a symbol for our team. I hope he stays. He's too brilliant. I read in Mundo Deportivo that Figo said he wants to talk to Barca, but he doesn't know who to talk to. I hope he waits until the elections to make his decision.
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I don't know who is responsible for what's going on with Figo, but no matter who it is (Ferrer, Nunez, Gaspart): Please don't let Figo go! Barça without Figo is not Barça! He is definitely the world's best player at the moment and he has also a great heart and also showed great contribution for the team whenever he played in red and blue! So don't lezt Figo go! The system also isn't the problem - if Ferrer intends to play without wingers, he could play in the offensive midfield behind the strikers! Look what position he plays for the Portuguese national team - he plays in the half right offensive midfield, but is always changing position with teammates Manuel Rui Costa and Joao Pinto! So the system isn't the problem!
Look i think if he gets a better contract he will stay.Look how can a wanker like Kluivert get 60 000 Pounds a week and Figo get 25 000 pounds a week.Figo loves Barcelona almost as much as he loves Sporting CP i think hes agent is just trying to get him a better contract.
But if he does leave Barce would really strugle to get going again.He is the only reason Barce have been so powerful in the Primera liga.
We shall find out after Euro 2000, but it's widely specultaed he'll stay with Barcelona, where he belongs.
The club where he belongs is Sporting CP , but for now he is just wants to play at the Largest club in the world.
Viva Barcelona(2nd home of the best player ever)
Viva Sporting CP(1st home of the best player ever)
Viva Figo best player ever.
Actually, I don't think the percentage is so big, like 80%. It seems that Figo's agent is very determined to get Figo out of Barcelona, last time was Man U, and this time is Lazio. I hope he only wants to increase Figo's salary, otherwise I don't really understand. Although we might buy a player with a lower price, but who fit into our new system, but he won't have Figo's heart!!! FIGO LOVES BARCA!!!!! Figo and Guardiola are the spiritual leaders of BARCA, and they are the symbols too. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't let our great number 7 LUIS FIGO go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really keep on wondering how Lazio are able to sign players like Veron, Lopez, Palermo, possibly Vieri and Figo etc. all the time. Those guys are quite expensive, their wages are extraordinary - where do Lazio have the money from? OK, they played Champions League last season, Cragnotti is one of the richest Italians and obviously loves big-spending on his club - but this can´t be all. There must be another investing source and I´d be interested in knowing this source.

I hope that Figo stays at Barca, though - even a club like Barcelona hardly can´t afford losing a player like him. If he left the club, he´d be almost impossibly to replace since I consider Simao too young and a possible move for Overmars or another right-wing simply a loss of quality.
Barça's reaction:

Barça reacted stating Figo's contract. It appeared the transferfee of 60 million Euro was only for Spanish club, and since Lazio is Italian, they have to pay a fee twice as high: 120 million Euro. But the fact remains: there's no place really "his" in SF's new system. And about the salary: Figo and Barça agreed to this wage. Paulo, you will agree with me Figo won't suffer any difficulties with a salary of 25000 pounds a week. And if Kluivert has a (better) manager able to let Barça agree with a 60000 pound/week deal, what the f*ck has Figo to do with it? When Figo signs a new contract, it'll be way higher than Kluivert's. Not because he's better (he is, but that's not the major part in this case), but most of all because of the inflation on the playermarket. And that will always be like that.

But if Figo leaves.... we may thank Johan Cruijff very very much... He signed Figo, and payed around 2.5 million Euro for him :) What a profit!
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To CarlosMiguel : Figo = Nesta + Veron + De La Pena + Money ????? Be real!!!!

How about: Figo + Rivaldo = Marcolin + Gottardi + Favalli Hmm What a deal~~

Forza Lazio
Figo = 60 million dollar
Nesta = 30 million dollar
Veron = 25 million dollar
De la Pena = for free, we only help you out with him.
So I think CM is right....
"Dutch", DLP is a great player. Can´t you see that? Or are you affraid that he will take one of your 8 countrymens place in the startinglineup? Maybe you should buy some more dutchmen so you could have one on every position...:mad:
I believe that getting De la Pena should not be too expensive since Lazio has been looking to sell him. I can't see him going for over $5 million, although the way signings are going through the roof these days, i may be wrong. I personally don't rate Nesta at $30 million even though he is a great footballer. I just can't see someone paying that much for a centerback. Maybe that is unfair but that is what i think.
De La Pena is a great player, but his price will be made by how desperate we want him, and how desperate Lazio wants to sell him. Lazio doesn't play him, so Lazio wants to get rid of him. Ivan is a great player, and I love to see him at Barça, but we already have soooo many great midfielders, we don't REALLY need him.

But after all your comments, my renewed transferprices:
Figo: 60
Nesta: 20
Veron: 25
Ivan: 5

And Robban, my opinion about Hesp and Bogarde is well-known. And yes, six Dutch players still isn't good for the Catalan identity of Barça, but no one can say the Dutch guys (except for Bogarde and Hesp the way he was this season) are bad players, or not worth to play for Barça.....
Figo is priceless.
Damn you would have to give the whole of Serie A if you wanted his services.
Viva Portugal
Lets prove them wrong
It´s nice to see that we understand eachother, "Dutch"!:)
I think the whole Figo affair smells of electioneering. Nuñez does nothing about his contract and has talks with his agent and perhaps Lazio, then at the last minute steps in and puts up his wages. Gaspart takes all the credit even though he is officially ex-vice president. Summer transfer talk is usually pretty boring but this is just too much.
I have my own theory. I see this as a ploy by Veiga and Figo to get him the contract of his life with Barca. I really don't think he wants to go but he is making a convincing attempt to make it seem so. I think he is just trying to pressure his way into a higher contract. This is the perfect time. After such a great season in Spain and Europe, his great display so far in Euro 2000 and the elections this July have all set things up for big contract time. The first two are bringing suitors from all over Europe for his signature. The latter comes into play since the candidates all will have holding on to Figo as part of their platform for the election. Whoever gets elected promising to sign Figo will certainly do so for fear of losing the backing of the socios by doing otherwise. This means BIG BUCKS for Figo. Smart plan if you ask me. It's all a big business!
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CM> I think your conspiracy-theory is very realistic. Bt I read in the newspapers here Gaspart is the only official candidate yet. But many others already said they'd run for it, and already agreed with players to come when they become president. When will these guys become official candidates?
I believe all of this will be settled very soon for the elections. There are still some candidates that may join together. Supposedly Cassaus may be joining up with Bassat. But so far only Gaspart has made his candidacy.
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