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I see that a lot of Barcelona fans are all pissed because Figo left to Madrid. I totaly understand them.But just think about it. Figo is a professional. Money means a lot. If he is not getting enough money he is going to feel bad. I don't think Kluivert did more things than he did. So why should Kluivert get more than him. Be Logical and put yourself in his shoes. Even if you love a club and the fans adore you. If you are not getting what you think you deserve you feel exploited and i think that's what figo felt like. He asked for a raise they did not want to discuss it. he tried to put pressure on them. The way he did it wasn't the smartest and he got screwed. But it doesn't mean he is the only one to blame. I personnaly feel that Barcelona managment ****ed up on this one. They did before and they will still do it. Look at the examples of De la pena, Ronaldo, Romario, Goigotchea( wrong spelling maybe), Ferrer etc.. They always sell players that are the symbol of Barcelona And nobody can say anything, now that that Figo did it himself he became the most hated person in Barcelona. In my opinion it's not fair.
I can understand why Figo lied and said that he will never go to Real Madrid. His intention was not to lie to Barca fans but to Real Madrid fans. Just think about it!!!
Peres' strongest point was that he would buy Figo. If the voters didn't believe figo would come i think they would have voted for the other candidate. And that's what Figo was trying to make happen. Unfortunately for him Madrid voters had everything to win since it was either Figo or season tickets and that's what ****ed Figo over.
We all know that Figo screwed up big time by agreing on the contract and screwed up even more by lying to his fans. But what we don't know is how much were barcelona directors willing to do to keep him in the team. So let us not blame Figo alone as the club has also something to do with loved players leaving. And that History shows it.
Let me know your opinions about it!!!

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siddhartha, if you want to know our opinions about it, just read threads like "Figo signs with Madrid", "Figo to Real?", "Opinions on Figo",... .
I think those threads say it all.

Money means a lot.
Well, that´s exactly what Judas thinks. Apparently money means so much to him that he doesn´t give a damn about fans or loyalty. If he thinks he´s bigger than Barca than he is just wrong and we don´t need a sucker like him.

If he is not getting enough money he is going to feel bad. I don't think Kluivert did more things than he did. So why should Kluivert get more than him.
Last year it was up to him, when he signed a contract. Why should Barca negotiate every year about a better contract? Like I said, if it´s just about the money for Mr. Judas than he can go to hell (what he did already ;) ).

And using the elections of our rivals to betray the club is disgusting.
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