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Figo considera hipótese de abandonar Selecção

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Figo considera hipótese de abandonar Selecção (Ojogo)

Luís Figo, o mais emblemático de todos os jogadores portugueses desde Eusébio, está a ponderar seriamente a possibilidade de não voltar a representar a equipa nacional na sequência dos acontecimentos que têm vindo a rodear a Selecção. Até aqui idolatrado pelos adeptos portugueses, Figo parece ter baixado subitamente, também ele, a sua cotação na bolsa de sentimentos dos apaixonados pelo desporto-rei em Portugal depois de uma participação no Mundial que ameaça deixar marcas profundas em alguns dos jogadores mais representativos de Portugal.

A forma como a comitiva foi recebida em solo nacional (Figo apenas fez escala, em Lisboa, para Madrid mas soube de tudo o que se passara) e o teor das críticas que têm sido dirigidas aos atletas levam o detentor do último galardão de melhor jogador do Mundo a considerar seriamente, aos 29 anos, o abandono definitivo da representação nacional.

Esta posição foi confidenciada pelo jogador aos que lhe são mais próximos, mas ainda não tornada pública. Todos esperam que reconsidere... até porque se pode tratar de uma atitude precipitada de quem serviu de inspiração a Manuel Alegre num poema recitado e aplaudido por muitos portugueses. Ainda não passou uma semana desde então...

Personally Id rather him bow out at the right time than see a shadow of his former selve struggle to serve the cause.

He shouldnt have been playen at the WC as he wasnt fully fit and in form (where not a one man team u know).

But I know he still has alot to give to our NT all he needs is some recuperation time to rest and then got properly fit once more. The thing I dread is that we might never again see the Figo we all love, because of a reckless tackle by Devo and Madrids stupidity to use him tio early.

Do you realise that Figo hardly made a cross into the box (his bread and butter move), I dont rememeber one and hardly beat an opponenet once in the three games at WC. If that not enough for people to admit that he wasnt in form and shouldnt be playen (at least not for ninety minutes, he could have been brought on late when the defence was tiring - if needed) then I dont know waht is.
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Obviously the great man is dissapointed & IMO he & Rui Costa may not play for Portugal in the next year but there hunger will return for them to play Euro2004 & bow out in front of the home fans. Both will be 31 & hopefully the European calender will be reduced by then so he will definately be more fresher than he was in this tournament.

Trust me the man is down cause to much is expected from him when he gets on the field. He aint superman - but when he plays a game below par for his standard , he gets it in the neck.
It isn't the players fault. Nor is it the Oliveira's fault he's an idiot. The fault belongs squarely on the FPF for hiring the idiot.
Luis Figo is untouchable. Any one who criticizes him should be immediately smacked upside the head.

He played hurt, risking his rep. Can you believe there have been people criticizing him? Luis Figo is like a boxer who won't quit. He'll keep fighting till the corner throws in the towel.

Do you realize that in Portugal's last 60+ internationals, Figo has missed only 2 and those were due to suspension against Cyprus after celebrating too long after tying the home game against Holland. The other was the Germany game at Euro 2000 where a lot of people rested.

I'm pretty sure if this speculation is true that it is just frustration talking.

If he actually did quit, then there a lot of people who need to be smacked upside the head.

A whole lot of smacks upside the head going on.
theres no doubt in my mind that figo is simply pure talent, just in the worldcup 2002 the skill was not shown so many has lost faith and argue the point that maybe figo really isnt as amazing as everyone thought him to be. Hrmmmmm him playing in euro2004, i dunno about that one , room for new blood.
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