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Figo breaks Crespo's record transfer

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News by soccer-europe.com


New Real Madrid president Florentino Perez has indeed kept his word and signed Portuguese ace Luis Figo, at this time perhaps the best player in the world, from league rivals FC Barcelona.

Figo, still on holiday in Sardinia until the end of the week met with Perez, his advisor and former Portuguese World Class midfielder Paulo Futre and Figo's manager Jose Veiga yesterday to put the final touches on the deal.

Here are some transfer details:

Transfer Fee: £44 million (£38 million to Barcelona, £6 million to the Spanish FA)

End of Contract: July 30th 2006
Annual Salary: £3 million
Buyout Clause: £114 million

Finally there is a special clause which sais that Figo will receive further £2 million if Perez is no longer the president at some stage during his days at Real while Figo has to pay Perez the same amount if he wants to leave before the end of his contract.

With his move Figo does not only join Raúl as Real Madrid's best-paid player but also breaks the transfer World Record, previously held by Argentine striker Hernan Crespo who moved from Parma to Lazio for £35 million.
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Update on the previous news

New Real Madrid president Florentino Perez is set to announce the transfer deal of the decade before Monday.

Luis Figo, one of the top two players on the planet at the moment is moving to Real from deadly rivals Barcelona for a new world record fee.

Figo is unavailable for comment as he is in Sardinia on a calculated holiday break that lets the dust on his record move settle before the fierce questions and answers begin in the firebowl Spanish media after the Barcelona elections on Sunday.

The final deal was brokered yesterday in Sardinia and the details are allegedly as follows:

Transfer Fee: $70million with $60million to Barcelona and $10million to the Spanish Federation.

Contract To Run Until: End Of July 2006

Figo's Salary: $5million p.a

But the most amazing factor of the whole deal is Figo's rumoured buy-out clause. $180million.

off soccerage
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To be honest, I wont beleive it until I see it
with my very own eye's. I would have never guessed the Barca's Figo will now be Real's Figo.

Prez is the man!! :D
I would'nt post this up just yet.
Do you think Barca will let his sworn enemy steal one of their best players from right under their noses, and do nothing?
I don't think so!
You will see; this is far from over.
And Real Madrid will certainly not have the last word!

p.s.-And even if you manage to rob our great player, with the dough you will give us, we will probably get Zidane, which is the best player in the world!
And don't tell me you're gonna get him too, because it would be simply idiotic to think about it.
I hope Gaspart doesn't become president. He's threatening to buy Casillas with the money that Barca gets for Figo :(
Casillas is not going anywhere, he knows he will become a legend with us.
Barça are still on elections so this is another Bull**** to get votes. And what is best that means they take for granted Figo is gone ... It must hurt :D
Hehehehehehehehe :D :D :D :D :D

Gigi: if the buyer team pays the buyout clause of a contract then the seller team can do nothing about it, they have to give the player up. It's the way things are in Spain.
While in Italy, the seller team has to consent in order to break a contract. That's why I think that sadly, Zidane will stay in Juve. That plus the fact that he wants to manage the rights from marketing his name on his own, while Barca and Real want to do it themselves.
furia: Casillas is not going anywhere because for the buyout clause to work, except for the money involved, the player's consent is also necessary (the Figo case). I don't think that Casillas will consent to such a scenario even if Barca offer to pay the buyout clause of his contract with the money they'll get from Figo. So, they are back in 0 really.
i dont believe it until i see
thats true i still cant believe that real madrid have bought figo until i see it published on the official website.

simple as that
Article from http://www.dailysoccer.com/

By Kevin Fylan
MADRID, July 24 (Reuters)(DS) - Luis Figo will officially become the world's most expensive player when he joins Real Madrid in a $56.1 million transfer from Barcelona on Monday.
Real confirmed that the player would be presented in the
trophy room at the Bernabeu at 1600 GMT, finally bringing to a close one of the most controversial transfers in recent history.
The Spanish Football League (LFP) said the 10,000 million
peseta ($56.11 million) buy-out clause in the player's contract had been paid, wich effectively leaves Figo out of contract and free to sign for Real.
Figo, who has been on holiday in the north of Portugal for
the past week, did not attend a scheduled training session in Barcelona on Monday, instead flying into Madrid by private jet.
The Portuguese international made his way to a clinic for a
medical check-up prior to his presentation later in the day.
Details of the transfer have yet to be confirmed but it
appears to have been sealed during the Real Madrid election
campaign when Figo's agent Jose Veiga signed a contract with the successful candidate Florentino Perez.
The agreement is understood to have included an indemnity
clause whereby if Perez won the election but Figo chose not to complete the move the player would have to pay a "fine" of 5,000 million pesetas ($28.06 million) to Real Madrid.
Perez's subsequent election to the Real presidency -- he
defeated the incumbent Lorenzo Sanz -- ensured the agreement was binding and Figo was seemingly left with little option but to defect to the Bernabeu.
Under Spanish league transfer rules any player has the right to change clubs by paying the buy-out clause in his contract.
Figo thus becomes the world's most expensive player,
overtaking Argentine striker Hernan Crespo who moved from Parma to Lazio earlier this month in a $54.1 million deal.
Figo's contract with his new club is expected to net him
around 1,000 million pesetas ($5.61 million) a year.
His new buy-out clause will be a remarkable 30,000 million
pesetas ($168.4 million).
($1=178.22 Peseta)
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you guys must be really ecsatic! i would if figo joined juve!!!!!:D
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