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figo and zidane. are they coming?????

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by Graeme Bailey

LUIS FIGO is set to stun Spanish football by switching
from Barcelona to arch-rivals Real Madrid in a
world-record deal worth 10,000 million pesetas (£38.1

Florentino Perez, who is battling Lorenzo Sanz for the
presidency of Madrid, has signed a deal that will see
him pay the full release clause (10,000 million pesetas)
in Figo's contract and in turn the Portuguese star will
move to the Santiago Bernabeu from Camp Nou.

The deal is subject to whether Perez will win the election for president, but he
knows that with this deal signed and almost delivered then he will easily defeat

Luis Figo's agent Jose Veiga would not confirm that a deal had been agreed, but
did say that contact had been made.

"Something has happened," said Veiga. "I have spoken to Florentino Perez who
has expressed to me an interest in the player." But Veiga refused to say whether
a pre-contract had been signed.

According to reports, Florentino will pay the fee on July 16th, when he should be
made president of Real Madrid and Figo will then be unveiled to the Bernabeu

Figo himself is said to be delighted with the move, after he fell out with Barca
president Jose Luis Nunez who is said to have denied him a move to Lazio.

The 27-year-old former Sporting Lisbon star, will become the highest paid player
in Madrid, even ahead of Raul, earning up to 1 billion pesetas per season.

Another player who is said to be on Florentino's shopping list is Zinedine Zidane.

Sources in Spain have confirmed that the European Champions are very serious
about making a move for the Frenchman, and negotiations are already said to be

Zidane has always stated that he would love to play with Raul, but this move is
likely to be put on hold until after the Figo deal is sealed.
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O boy, this is really something. Fiorentin has my vote if he could bring in Luis Figo and ZiZou, and not selling Nicola$:D But is this possible? I can't believe it:mad: I mean we supposedly have 110 mln $ debt, let's make it 150 because I don't believe Sanz:), now we have to buy these two guys. They will cost 100 mln $ for sure together. Oh, my god, this is imply outrageous! Maybe Perez has 250 mln $ to make us equal! If so, come on in Perez! be my guest and give us the treble!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
If either one of these players sign then I will follow Real Madrid and and also do the impossible, buy a BRAND NEW CORVETTE!

Yeah, sure it may not be true, but at ;east we can fantasize. I must say getting a star from Barca would be quite something. They always did it to us, now it's our turn:D:D
If Real get both Figo and Zidane they will be simply brilliant.They already have Raul who has the ability
to one day be the worlds greatest player.Zidane,Figo
and Raul in the same team,now that is a friggen dream team.They are already the European champions and if they
were to strenghthen their side by adding the worlds two
best players then who knows what they may be capeable of.
With these two excellent players they may have a team that
will be able to rival the Real team from the fifties.
Surely if any players could even come close to rival the
success of the likes of Puskas and Di Steffano then Zidane
and Figo would be a good start.
Yeah, but so afr there has been nothing solid, only hypothesis, so let's not get happy before the sun sets...:(
Here's an article of note from this morning:

Soccer-Figo breaks silence to dismiss Real transfer

BARCELONA, July 9 (Reuters) - Luis Figo sent a
message of calm to worried Barcelona fans on Sunday,
finally denying reports that he had signed a
pre-contract agreement to join arch-rivals Real
Spanish soccer was rocked last week when rumours
began to spread that the Portuguese international had
signed a deal with Real Madrid presidential candidate
Florentino Perez.
For several days, Figo refused to make any comment
on the matter, leading the Spanish media to start
talking of the deal as a fait accompli.
But in a lengthy interview with Barcelona-based
Sport newspaper on Sunday, Figo emphatically denied
the story, although he confirmed that he had had
offers from Perez and other clubs including Lazio.
"I want to reassure fans that Luis Figo, with all
the certainty in the world, will be at the Nou Camp on
July 24 to start the season," he said.
"And I want to remind people that whatever is said
about other clubs, Luis Figo has a contract with
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Dream on guys, Figo's staying with us....:eek:
Barcafan, I wouldn't be so sure. While I don't think he would ever come to Real (and Sanz' comment today are spot on), I can't see him staying at Barca either. Let the old man go to Italy :D :D :D
My god what a attitude Figo seems to have, I always thought he was "down-to-eart" but reffering "me" as Luis Figo is to much.

Anyway, I think Perez campaign has gone to hell by now. If he doesnt sign a pre-contract with the Brazilian national team :D
If you think about it, this is the best possible arrangement for us. Barca is in a no-win situation. One scenario is what Figo announced would happen. He's not going to Madrid and Barca is stuck with a great, but aging, player whom they could have sold at a sky-high price. I'm sure Barca's directors weren't to anxious to have Figo stay and were instead intent on getting their hands on that $57M from us. The other scenario would be another club comes up and pays that $57M. We, Real Madrid, do not have to spend a cent and we only have to watch as Barca loses their best player. The world makes sense again!
Still this pisses me off! What the hell was Perez thinking? In the end I'm now glad Figo ain't comin', but still what was this idiot thinking? He lied and that's that. And also I agree that Barca will lose him anyhow:D
there is a transfer on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

09/07/2000 12:35
by Adam Marshall

BARCELONA are ready to make a tit-for-tat move in a
bid to exploit the Spanish transfer system by poaching
Real Madrid's Iker Casillas, according to sources on the

The Catalan club are furious that Luis Figo could be set
for a shock move to the capital, if Florentino Perez wins
the presidential election at Real.

Perez has promised the capture of the Portuguese international, providing he is
voted in ahead of Lorenzo Sanz, as he has reportedly agreed terms with the
player and will meet the buy-out clause in his contract.

However, Figo has again re-iterated his desire to stay at Camp Nou.

The latest developments are set to provoke a transfer war involving the two
Spanish super-powers, which could have major repercussions throughout La

Basically, the situation in Spain is that every player has a price, literally. If this
buy-out clause is met then the club are virtually powerless to prevent the sale
going ahead, as long as the transfer window is open.

19-year-old Casillas, called into Spain's Euro 2000 squad and rated as the best
young keeper in Europe, would cost 5,000 million pesetas (almost £20 million)
and Barca could be ready to fork out the massive sum in order to strike a major
blow to their bitter rivals.

Joan Gaspart, a strong candidate to become new president at Camp Nou, has
added weight to the rumours by stating: "I also have some liking for players at
Real Madrid, like Casillas and Roberto Carlos."

Real could hit back with attempts to sign a couple of Barca's others stars, such
as Patrick Kluivert, and a major war looks certain to develop if Figo seals his
move to Madrid, although the player has gone on record as saying he is happy to
stay in Catalunya.

"I have been very happy during the past five years," said the Euro 2000 star. "I
want to stay here as there is not a city like Barcelona."
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This is indeed worrying news:mad: We don't need a war like this! Why? Because we have absolutely no chance of winning it:mad: That sux, but it's reality. But to be hoest 28 mln $ for Casillas is some price, I'd take it if I were Sanz, really! Ok, so he's a great prospect, but still, he's nowhere near to being perfect, and 28 mln $! That's like 20% of our whole debt!!!:D Ok, I know this is hypothesis, and of course I would love for Iker to stay, but business is business:rolleyes: I wanna see him try to get R.C.! hehe that could be funny:D
I don't like the prospect of giving up Roberto Carlos for Zizou. This could be costly for Perez. I sense overconfidence from his camp. Perez only Anelka is to go :mad:
No kidding. Roberto Carlos is as Madrid as can be :) The only player I could miss more would be Raul.
Hierro and prince Redondo leaving would hurt me the most. Then comes Raul, then RC and then Casillas.
No matter how you slice it, it sucks :)

It's probably just me though...
wrong hala, wrong wrong wrong. with each match, the poor guy looses more and more hair!!! :D :D :D
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