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Today’s Federation meeting raised fears that 60 per cent of Serie A and B sides won’t be able to register for next season’s Championship.

“If the deadline for presenting the paperwork was today,” warned FIGC President Franco Carraro, “then with the new rules 60 per cent of Serie A and B clubs would be thrown out.”

Following the bankruptcy of AC Fiorentina and crisis situations at Parma, Lazio and Roma, new rules are being introduced in order to spread tax payments over a period of several months.

“The situation at Roma and Lazio is disastrous,” added League Vice-President Antonio Matarrese.

“With their current balance sheets both these clubs cannot qualify for European competition and that is a very sad state of affairs.”

UEFA have also introduced new checks on all sides that can enter the Champions’ League or UEFA Cup next season.

However, AS Roma hit back with director Franco Baldini’s claims that there were “no problems” sticking to the European guidelines.

“We are moving towards a time when the books will be kept much more balanced than in previous years,” insisted League President Adriano Galliani.

“I am very worried for Roma and Lazio, but we will do everything in our power to ensure they stay in the top flight. I cannot imagine the Capital without any big teams to represent it, but they’ll need massive injections of fresh cash to survive.”
I feel clubs are really digging themselves a deeper grave...:depress:.

Lets hope nothing drastic happens over the summer...the summer will defeintly be interesting seeing as Roma...Lazio...and Parma can all do with a sugar daddy...and lets all hope something does come through to help.
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