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FIFA report blasted

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The head of England’s 2006 World Cup bid has blasted Fifa over an alleged report that ranks them below two rival countries.

The decision as to who is awarded the right to host the competition will be announced on July 6, and the news that England are reportedly below the bids of Germany and South Africa has angered Alec McGiven.

Speaking to The Times, McGiven (pictured) said: "It is an insult to everyone involved in English football and Fifa should be ashamed.

"To place us in a lower division than Germany and South Africa is absurd."

This document follows on from an earlier announcement by Uefa chief executvie Gerhard Aigner, who claimed that England's proposal was a long way below that of Germany's.

The decision to rank England below two of its rivals, in terms of technical standards, will be a major blow to the Football Assocoation - especially after the inspector of England’s proposal, Alan Rothenberg described the bid as "outstanding."

The report lists the merits of each bid and will be sent to the 24 executive committee members prior to the deadline.
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I think it is going to come between Germany and S.Africa for WC2006.
Either way does it really matter>
To make the game more global it does matter :)

It will definitely be in South Africa ;)
Who really cares who hosts it, just aslong as England doesn't get it. Could you imagine the hooliganism?
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