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My name is Daniel and I'm working for a Soccer Magazine in Holland.

I want to know what people of other countries think of the footbal in the Netherlands. Which clubs do you know and what do you think of those clubs. I allso want to know if you would like to play in Holland if you were a professional footbal player. In other words: Tell as much as you know about the footbal in Holland/Netherlands.

Thanks and Greetingzz,


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I don't know much about Dutch football.

The 3 mains clubs that i know are PSV, Ajax and Feyenoord.

PSV the team of philips made a great team in the late 80's and bought the greatest center forward ever ROMARIO to play for them. THen took Ronaldo , Vampeta and Marcelo Ramos and a few other brazilians to play for them!

Ajax, well i know what everybody knows

Feyenoord, the team of the port city that has great rivarly with Ajax,

Then there is RODa which i know nothing about them.

I would love to play in Holland, specially if the money was good ,but i'm 26 now!:( :eek: :devil:
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