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Right after INTER – Atalanta game, this will be the place where Inter will be looking out very much !! Just 4 days after the Atalanta game !!

I am sure and confident that Inter would win the 2nd of the UEFA semifinal against Feyenoord and reach the final, where we will meet Borusia Dortmund !!
But for that to happen, INTER should play it’s best football !!
In the first leg, INTER did miss about three chances to score, but that happens in football !! That’s the game !!
INTER, need to play their star studded line-up in the second leg, if Inter is interested to play in the final against Dortmund !!
If Inter plays a very good football, then Inter will certainly win, but luck should also favour us !!
Cordoba’s suspended !! Simic should replace him ?





OR should we play 3-5-2, since we really have a big defense problem !!






Can Simic do that job, I think it’s too too hard for him !!
But if our midfield and strikers play very well, then I think our defense will not have that much problem with Seedorf, Vieri, Recoba, Dalmat, C.Zanetti and Ronaldo(?) !!

Or should DiBiagio move to the central defense, as he has done before too !!





After this match, we will have to play Brescia (away) !!
So what should we do !! Brescia’s a good opponent but not like atleast Chievo or Lazio game !
Therefore, I think we should go with the best start line up !!
But we also shouldn’t take any kinda risks with the players !!

If we reach the final, then we will be playing our final only after the Serie’s over !! after 4 days !!

So why not go for a win in Holland, with Vieri, Recoba, C.Zanetti, Dalmat, J.Zanetti, Ronaldo(?) from the start !!
I would love Inter to go with the best line-up !
Every game will not be like the second leg of Inter – Valencia !! We had too much luck in that game !!
Feyenoord will be missing their two starters – Ono and ???
Good for INTER !!
Whereas Inter will miss Cordoba and may be Materazzi !!
DiBiagio should replace one of them and the other to replace would be Simic, I guess so !!
Emre played very well in the first leg !! He is suspended for the Atalanta game, so he should be fresh to play this game, or should he start, as he deserves !!





Ronaldo in second half, but only if others play very bad or Inter’s guaranted to play the final !! He’s just playing, therefore it’s not good risking an unfit player to play in that kinda high level match !! If Cuper thinks Ronaldo is fit to play, then I think the best would be to play him from that start, that’s the best !!!!!





Then after the second half –





Anyway forget Ronaldo, if INTER's playing very well.
He will help us next season !!
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