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Feyenoord fan thrashed by four Italians

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MILAN, April 5 (DS) - A 62-year-old Dutch fan, who was present in the UEFA Cup semifinal match between Inter FC and Feyenoord, was thrashed by four Italian fans, the ANSA news agency stated.
The fan stated that the Italians looked like Inter supporters. Yesterday, the Dutchman was walking near the stadium San Siro when a "FIAT" car approached him. They demanded from him to give the scarf with the emblem of Feyenoord but the Dutchman rejected. Then the Italians threw him to the ground and beat him. The 62-year-old Feyenoord supporter was immediately taken to a hospital.
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Oh this is horrible! How could these Inter fans do this to a senile man? :(
Thats what i call the ugly side of football :)
God damn morons!!! :mad: I hope these hooligans get caught and get a fair punishement.

Freaking bastards!
man i fell sorry 4 that porr guy.but y didnt he give the scarf?
They'r not futball fan , Pray for the old fan .:depress:
ohhh... it is pretty ****ty that this comes into football... then they ask why the stadiums are som empty in italy...
...that's bad!!! :mad:

I can't believe they were Inter's supporters!

Inter's fans are known to be very quite and sportive. I can't believe they did that, I hope they are not Inter's fans, but just some idiots...
yeah, this is ugly.

I went to a Roma Vs Benfica friendly game i believe 2 years ago, and there was almost a fight between a 60+ year old guy and a group of teens.
Such a shame......:( :mad:
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