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Few questions

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I have a a few questions to all of you who knows the croatian league:
What can you tell me about Mitu Dumitru, and Mario Osibov.
What are their positions and are they good players?

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Are you sure his little name is Dumitru?

He probbaly played for Rocar Bucharest, now named Fulgerul Rocar Bragadiru, a first divsion team in Romania for a village which doesn't exceeds 7,000 inhabitants. They struggled to avoid relegation last year and they finished 12th out of 18, the last four relegating. Most people think that Rocar made many arranged matches, and I've seen this with my eyes, in the first part of the season I was on the stadium at the Farul-Rocar game. Farul wa on 8th place at that time. Everyone saw that the game was 'fixed', Farul being acused by non-combat by the supporters. The game finished 1-0 as this guy (Mitu) scored in the 89th minute.

This player learned football at Farul, as he is born in Constanta and played in his first proffesional years for FC Farul.

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Thanks for your help but i'm afraid i'm talking about another player.
The Mitu i ment played for the last 5 seasons for Osijek and i think he was a member of Romanian youth team but i'm not sure.
Anyway, if anybody knows details about Mitu or Osibov Mario from NK Zagreb please inform me.
BTW: I notice you are from Romania. So maybe you know Viorel Tannase he played for my team in Israel last season and we like him very much. Fantastic player. I'm very sorry he's leaving the club.
Yeah, I'm from Romania.

You bought Tanase from Otelul Galati. He was a pretty good player in the Romanian first division, but not good enough for the national team.
You're right. The guy I was talking about is Marius Mitu and plays now in Universitatea Craiova.
I heard something about Mitu and Osibov... they are nothing special - just two average players from weak Croatian league. The players you can find in any EastEuropean league.
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