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World Cup....That is !!!!! :howler:

NEW YORK, June 19 (AFP)

Now that the United States is in the quarter-finals of the World Cup, the sports-saturated nation is finally catching a dose of football fever.
The New York Post offered a soccer crash course for sports fans eager to jump on the bandwagon in time for the United States quarter-final clash with European powerhouse Germany -- which will take place at 7:30 on Friday morning on the US East Coast, 4:30 a.m. on the West Coast.
"To most of Americans, it's an afterthought. But to the rest of the world, it's nearly a religion," the Post said. "Pretend you've loved soccer all along.
Soccer is the most popular sport on the planet. Its fans are among the most rabid, it's players are worshipped as deities.
"Yet here it reamins a sport that everyone loves to play, but no one really follows. Until now."
The June 24 issue of Sports Illustrated, out on Wednesday, featured US striker Landon Donovan on the cover.
Small inset photos showed Tiger Woods kissing his newly acquired US Open trophy and the Detroit Red Wings' Dominik Hasek hoisting his finally acquired Stanley Cup.
"By thumping archrival Mexico, the US punched through to soccer's elite eight for the first time in 72 years," the magazine wrote. "At this most improbable World Cup, in which the two favorites didn't survive the first round, Cinderella is wearing stars and stripes."
Certainly the US team's exploits in South Korea are finally wresting some attention away from other sports.
USA Today reported Wednesday that the rush on US national team jerseys -- at 89.99 dollars a pop -- had sparked a wave of counterfeit merchandise.
National television ratings for USA-Mexico were expected to easily top the 1 million viewers on average who had been watching the first round.
With the Lakers safely installed as the National Basketball Association champions, the Red Wings wrapping up the Stanley Cup last week and Woods methodically finishing off his wire-to-wire US Open win on Sunday, the coast is clear for the US showdown with Germany -- the most successful European nation in World Cup history.
The Post offered this quick lesson for new-found fans.
"Here's all that you need to know," the paper said, it's primer including definitions of the slide tackle, bicycle kick, the wall, and the nuances of red and yellow cards.
Also included were a quick look at four top American players, as well as Public enemy No. 1: German Miroslav Klose.
Some remain immune to the football bug. The Chicago Tribune, in a column headlined "Battle of dullsville" asked which sport is more boring, soccer or golf?
"Soccer - Easily distracted from game by choral singing in the stands," quipped the Tribune in its list of each sport's boredom credentials. "Golf - Easily distracted from game by beauty of lawn care."
"Even with 11 cups of coffee, you need some crazed announcer to shout 'Gooooooooooooooooal' to realize that something just happened."
But maybe there's hope for football even in the Tribune's eyes.
"In the battle between soccer and golf," the newspaper concluded, "the world's most boring sport is ... baseball."

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