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There are some people at work who normally don't give a rat's :ass: about soccer are now initiating WC talk with me! :D

My co-workers are sending me emails and calling on the phones discussing about our victories. Even my boss told me yesterday to stay home Friday morning so I could watch the game without using up a vacation day! :star:

For those days that I took off or late to work, I made sure they knew why I was doing it. At first, they found it ridiculous for someone to take a day off JUST to watch a soccer game on TV! Slowly but surely, they are now realizing this is HUGE! Even George Bush noticed!

They are seeing it on Sports Center, on local news, on the front page of sports page, hearing it on radio! One thing for sure in the US, other than taxes and rent, is that Americans love to follow winner! ;)

GO USA!!!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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