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Ferrara in Trap attack Friday 3 March, 2006


Italy assistant boss Ciro Ferrara has taken a surprising swipe at Giovanni Trapattoni for ruining his 2002 World Cup dream.

The then Juventus defender was hoping to make the squad, but was ignored by Trap for what Ferrara deems as the wrong reason.

“He considered me as too old even before the World Cup, a phrase which he let slip in the company of journalists,” the legendary stopper said. “I still haven’t forgiven him for that.

“He didn’t say the same thing about Roberto Baggio, another man who he didn’t take. He had nicer words about him, whereas he said I was just old,” continued Ciro.

“It was something that I never expected from someone like him, a man of sport, he could have done without that sentence.”

Ferrara was also keen to point out two more factors in his personal duel with Trap, whose squad spectacularly exited the Finals in the second round to South Korea.

“After he said those things, I went on to win three more League titles with Juventus,” continued the Napoli-born great.

“I also want to remind people that in the end he selected Angelo Di Livio who was even older than me.

“I am sad that I didn’t go to those Finals. I understand that a Coach needs to make those decisions, but that statement hurt.”

Ferrara, who was 35 at the time, could make up for that disappointment by helping the present squad achieve greatness in Germany.

Ferrara, after quitting the game last summer, has been appointed as Marcello Lippi’s assistant with the national side.


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i wish he was still playing now, at least we would have decent back up.

i think its awesome that he is the assistant coach.
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