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Fernando Redondo's point of view

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Fernando Redondo yesterday in a press conference:

"The offer from a club like Milan is makes one feel proud and privileged. This is always appreciated, but I am very happy here (in Real Madrid), I have a contract up until 2003 and I am noth thinking about changing club. If there is something else, I know nothing about it and I prefer not to know about it at all"

"The fact of my being in the club for six years now says much, one has feelings and not only for the professional part, but for many other things too, that make me not to think about it or consider it.

"I want to stay. If it was only up to me, I would certainly stay."
The player said that he has not spoken with his agent Ricardo Luri since a day and a half ago. He again denied knowing anything about Milan and Madrid arriving to an agreement, by saying that "nobody has contacted me".

"I am only answering to what they ask me, but my thoughts are only about the preparation period, to make my form better and the beginning of the season"

From Marca Digital and Libredirecto
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Diario AS is speculating that Redondo will be sold for sure, regardless of del Bosque's direct and indirect comments on counting on him for next season.

All three (Marca, AS, Libredirecto) are performing surveys which state that an 75-80% of the Real Madrid supporters want Redondo to stay.
Hala's point of view:

FU(CK PEREZ! :mad:

Crucify him! :mad:

Throw him to the lions for breakfast! :mad:

Throw eggs at his face! :mad:

Put a bomb at his precious ACS office! :mad:


:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
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I found it pretty stylish by Perez to make Di Stefano an honorary president. But if he sells Redondo he'll become extremly unpopular. He might be a great business-man but he has to overcome personal antipathies to see that Redondo is a life-insurance for RM's defense! To see his loyality and professionality he's shown to our club throughout the years he's staying with us. This man has given up his national team for us, he's become a spanish citizen and has always given all his heart and soul, all his genious kind to play football, just everything to RM. That should we give away? NO! Please not!!!! That would be a cut in my pride RM heart. Does only money count at all? No pride, no heart anymore? Where should it end? We shouldn't forget that's still football. That makes me sad. :( Da** it!!!

:mad: :mad: :mad:

Cheers, LaBlanca
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Fernando Morientes' opinion on the matter:
( http://www.libredirecto.com/entrevistas/entrevistas.asp?Id=163 )

-Do you know that Redondo could leave Real Madrid?
-I've heard of it and, sincerely, it would hurt me if Redondo left. He is a vital player for us. He gives a solution to the midfield that only few players can give. And he is a even better person than he is a player. He is an excellent footballer, has charisma and has already shown his madridismo. Hopefully he'll stay with us!

Now i am clear on the issue.
What Redondo has showed these two days have made me reconsider. This guy has renounced to earn as twice as much what now he does so he can stay with us. He does not even want to hear any possible bids. What a professional¡¡ after a little doubtness because of my greedy soul I have to say:
OLE TUS COJONES REDONDO¡¡¡¡¡ :cool: :cool: :cool:

As for Perez... I hope he follows exclusively Del Bosque´s wishes. Otherwise FU(K him :mad:.
Anyway, if it was not out of retaliation, I think the guy carried out his duty, to be always ready for business ( but always under the Del-Bosque´s command).
He has assured he won´t put pressure on Redondo, this can not be said for Valencia´s President on Gerard for instance. :cool:
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He has assured he won´t put pressure on Redondo
He really said so Novena?

Do you think he'll keep his word?
this is just F U C K I N G
70-80% fan want redondo
the players want redondo
the coach wants rdondo
other teams want redondo:D
but our f u c k ing president :mad: doesnt want redondo
Pirri and Amancio were supposed to travel to Nyon to talk him through but after the press conference whereby Redondo stated he wanted to stay, the trip has been called off. Perez won´t deal again on Redondo.
OK, I admit he is quite a rookie at the moment but I can assure you he is the most honest person in a football chair.
Anyway it seems like he is building a friendship net with the European clubs.

Redondo is not going anywhere. Promise.
Perez´s duty was to hear the bid and to transmit it to the player, and he did it.

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


hala, I was rightttt¡¡¡¡:D:D:D:D:D
Change of signature... IMMEDIATELY!!!!

:D :D :D :D :D
The super compressed smiley says it all:

Funny how quikly you guys all changed your opinion on Perez :)
Yup! Hala, personally I wouldn't agree jumping on Perez when Redondo is not sold. A bit on the unfair side on him.. I'm sure he would not want to arouse as much unhappiness in Bernabeu as in Nou Camp..
Anyway, I just hope that this signals he's not like Sanz who'll interfere with the coaching staff on players transfer (in or out).
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