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Well it seems Ferguson is earning more than a sallary after all, first it was the deal with Kleberson, where he was forced to use Ferguson´s son as his agent for him to sign for Manu and now this


For such a hardline arse he is sure not very ethic.


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Nothing has been proved, and it probably never will be. Almost EVERY manager takes bungs. I'm not saying Fergie has, I'm not saying he hasn't, because I don't know. But the odds are good that he has.

And the only reason all this is coming out is because of Magnier, who has hired a private detective to investigate Fergie, and then he releases the stories to the media. Expect to see a lot more allegations and rumours about him over the coming weeks.

And United fans, do your bit to keep Magnier out. www.shareholdersunited.org

"A single owner or block of owners in control of our club
would not be healthy - the opportunity for scrutiny and
accountability would be lost and fans would have little
chance of ever having a say in how their club is run.

"United is a 125-year old community asset and should not be
treated like a stock market placing. Media moguls, currency
speculators, oil tycoons and the rest should take note; our
club is not for sale.

"Fans who care about United's independence must join SU now
and help build a blocking stake to prevent hostile or
unwanted bids and we very much hope that the club will aid
us in this endeavour.''
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