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Fenerbahce - Besiktas

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Fenerbahce scored :cool:

Besiktas 0 - Fenerbahce 1

Goal from Serhat at 42th minute:)

Besiktas is playing with 10 players, and there is whole second half to play:eek: :tongue:
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Serhat did it again:)

Besiktas 0 - Fenerbahce 2

Serhat (45, 52)
Umit Ozat sent of the game with a second yellow card (77):eek:

I was pretty sure that would happen:rolleyes:

Now both teams with 10 players:eek:
Besiktas 0 - Fenerbahce 2

The game is over along with Besiktas' chance for championship:) :cool:
Ilhan and Ceyhun followed soon after, receiving a red card each too...
The best thing was, Ilhan got a straight red :tongue: So his suspension will be longer !!
Man what a result:cool:

I am so happy, and the best part is that we can annoy Besiktas fans by saying that Serhat is better than Ilhan:D
If Serhat were playing the same role as Ilhan has been playing, he would have scored 20+ goals by now too...

This was the first game where Lorant has played Serhat as a target man up front...Usually Andersson plays this role, and he has failed miserably..

That goal took Serhat to 13 goals right?
Yeah, he has 13 now. It will be interesting to see how well he will do next year, if Andersson leaves?

Will he be a support striker for Washington?
Will he be a support striker for Washington?
It seems like you already transfered Washington to Fenerbahce:D
Aragon said:

It seems like you already transfered Washington to Fenerbahce:D
I am assuming if he did not come, Serhat would be the lead stiker, since he has been more impressive than Oktay, especially recently.

But if and when;) we get Washington, it seems like Serhat will be our second guy. But he will get his chance to be THE star since he is still young.
In the Besiktas game, Serhat proved that he is a target striker and not a support man...
Lorant was suprised at how well he played in the new role :)

I think we should get Ailton rather than Washington, because he looks more likely to form a good partnership with Serhat than Washington does....Washington is just a younger, more capable version of Andersson...
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