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Fiorentina has closed a deal for Felipe as replacement for Heinrich (thank God, I hate Heinrich).
I was just wondering if he's any good. What style he has and some stuff like that.
Ze da Fiel, I know you know this! :) :)

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here is what i posted to glen last month...now Felipe ahs gonne back to his original position, left back, as his best friend Pedrinho is playing again...by the way Pedrinho is BRILLIANT! :) And his Ego has gonne down a little bit, but only a little bit!

About Felipe, in 98 he was the best left back of Brazil...better than both R. Carlos and
serginho. Nobody in the world has a SHORT dribble like him.
HE can play as left back , or in any position of midfield, totally brilliant. AL:though I prefer
him as a defensive midfielder, as he loves to give his "personall" show. In a counter atack he
normally stops all the play, jsut for the whole stadium and the TV viewers see his dribbling
abilities. As you can see by this last phrase he has a big Ego, and that's his biggest
problem....he thinks he is the king of everything!!
If he disciplines himself he could easily become the most talented player and versatile
player of hte planet....but his discipline record is a bit bad. He has just been suspended at
Vasco for swearing at his manager....but 1 week later was forgiven together with Edmundo.
(who is his best friend in football).
Roma tried buying him for 20 million last year, but capello saw his displinary record and told
hiim to go back to Rio...the case went to FIFA, who still have not decided nothing!
I personally think it would be great for , VAsco and him to go to Italy, also for Brazil cause
he will get away from Rio, and become a bit more disciplned...his biggest problem.
In 97, in a semi final of the south american super cup, beteween River PLate and VAsco he
almost broke Gallardo's neck with a kung fu kick!! It was funny!!hehh
Valdz, I got a picture of felipe celebrating that goal..i was behind the goal that day in

Pelo Corinthians, com muito amor...ate o fim.
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Thanx Ze!
I heard Fiorentina and Roma settled the matter with Fifa and Felipe.

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