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Tommorrow is gonna be a disaster for Levski.
They will be playing in the dangerous grounds.The Besiktas Fans are like balls of fire.
Better watch for Ahmet Dursun and Nouma.
Be cautious everybody, The Black Eagles are coming strong.

Forever And Ever BESIKTAS :)

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Whats up guys?
I think you guys have nothing to say now. Oh well, You were wrong in the first place.

Forever and Ever Besiktas

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levski sux

since when is levski a good team it takes much more then winning your domestic league to be good. i dont know much about turkish futbol but i seen besiktas and galatasaray play and plus the national side impressed me alot during euro especially that game against belgium where they held on to the lead and rustu played so well. so you cant compare because turkey is a country on the rise and bulgaria has been declining ever since world cup 94.

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Well, well, :) Da im ebem majkata na tiya kranti. Ne moze sam da bie Besiktas.
And if Besiktas means to play like that in Sofia, then there is no need for me to go on the stadium. Nothing against you, but Nouma is far worse than Georgi Ivanov. And if our players weren't D-A-M-N egoists we could have done far better.
I know Besiktas plays poorly away. So does Levski. But if both of the teams don't run into the shape they pretend to have nothing good expects both of the teams.
And, Igor (I hope you don't mind me calling you only on your first name :) ), you haven't seen Levski, so would you mind not to comment for now.
PS: Sorry, but I didn't see Besiktas coming anywhere near Galata with that playing.
Thanx to Ivo and EclipsE for the support ;) , but if Levski doesn't reconsider their play, they would stand lower chance against the eagles. And from what I saw in the last year Hajduk played better than Besiktas at "Polud".

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Hello guys,
Besiktas did not play that well I agree on that, but we had 5 new players on th team (Karhan, Nouma , Umit , Ibrahim,
and Erman) We also have a new coach Scala.
I admit that Besiktas had problems with the midfield , and our left and right wings did not work that good. That was the main reason we could not score more. On the other hand ,
like eveybody agreed the referee did not call at least two penalty in the first half. Next week Khletsov is gonna play in the defence and Karhan will be playing as a center midfielder. Levski definetly needs a goal so they are not gonna play defence, which is going to work better for Besiktas, because we have really fast forwards like Nihat(he sucked on Wednesday suprisingly), Ahmet Dursun and Nouma(he is excellent one on one). Last game was very stressful for Besiktas,cause we always had bad luck in european games. Next Wendesday is going to be easier for us.
We will score early in the game and after that Shorumnu wont let Levski score three goals. He is a great goalie.
We talk about this matter next Wendesday again but dont keep your hopes that high.

Forever and ever Besiktas.
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