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Federation job awaits Collina Sunday 28 November, 2004


Pierluigi Collina will hang up his whistle at the end of the season and reports suggest he will take over as Italy’s top refereeing designator.

Officials are forced to stop refereeing in the Peninsula when they reach the age of 45 and claims this rule would be changed have seemingly not been backed up.

“I turn 45 years of age on February 13 2005, so I will stop my activity in June,” he explained. “I must say that making this decision on the effectiveness of an official purely on the date he was born is rather limiting, but referees are men of rules and as such will always stick to them.”

UEFA’s regulations are a little less stringent and Collina will be able to take control of European ties until December 31 2005, but the future is now panning out for the World’s most famous ref.

The ‘Corriere dello Sport’ today claims that he is being lined up to take over from the controversial Paolo Bergamo and Pierluigi Pairetto as Italy’s designators – the men who decide which referee will be assigned to a game.

Even here the matter is done partly by pot luck, as officials are split into categories depending on their experience and form this season then names are picked out of a hat. Designators are also responsible for training and disciplining referees throughout the campaign.

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