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Ok..i am sure some of the fans of the "other" teams will put in their little 2 cents but here it is.....

GK: With Ovchinikov and Espinha in the back I feel that we have a competant GK situation. Ovchinikov is just glad to get out of that negative situation in the Benfica lockeroom and Espinha is a vet that looked very comfortable in the Germany game. Enke is still the best keeper in Portugal though :(

Def: Aloisio and Jorge Costa form the best defensive pair in Portugal by sheer virtue of having played together since the beginning of time :) Rubens Junior proved that when healthy he is a threat and Esquerdinha is well...Esquerdinha. Nelson is solid in the back. Transfer Secretario to some IIB team please :) Again the strongest rear-guard in Portugal.

Mid: Here is where no one can touch us. Alenitchev is probably the best player in the league. Add a healthy Deco, Capucho, Drulovic, Pavlin, Chainho, Paulinho..ahhhhh so many names..so much talent. Oh yeah..I that Paraguayan guy is pretty good as well :D :D

For: This is the question mark of the team. If Clayton and Domingos can score we are set. Romeu was not as bad as I thought...he looked fairly comfortable against Portuguesa..but Portuguesa is not AC Milan, and Maric looked comfortable up front against Portuguesa. Pizzi is the wild card, he is old like Acosta but if he can post
similar numbers we win hands down.

So can we do it? On paper no team is better, but the key is Santos. Can he manage this talented squad and keep everyone happy? If so we win, if not PDC will make heads roll next summer.
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