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The battle of Copenhagen, 5th edition this season, is set to play tomorrow afternoon 17.30 at Parken.

The two Danish giants have met 4 times previous this season - once in the league, where the league leaders, Brøndby won 3-1 also at Parken, then twice in the Royal League, where FCK got 4 out 6 points against their arch rivals, when they first drew 1-1 again at Parken in December and then winning 2-0 away at Brøndby Stadion in the early spring. The latest edition of the "The New Firm" was Wednesday earlier this week, where the two sides played each other in the first of two semi-final legs in the Danish Cup - Brøndby won that match 1-0.

The New Firm 2004/05:

19.09.04: FCK - Brøndby 1-3 (SL)
05.12.04: FCK - Brøndby 1-1 (RL)
17.02.05: Brøndby - FCK 0-2 (RL)
06.04.05: Brøndby - FCK 1-0 (Cup, 1/2)
10.04.05: FCK - Brøndby ??? (SL)
20.04.05: FCK - Brøndby ??? (Cup, 1/2)
16.05.05: Brøndby - FCK ??? (SL)

Pheew..! When the season is over the two teams will have played 7 matches against each other.

Have we had enough already?

The three encounters, the two will have in the league, in every season is quite enough, I think, despite the fact that these are the matches everybody look forward to the most during the season. Seven of them, and four within less than two months, therefore seems as way too many in one season. A reaction to that, and a very good example of what I'm trying to say, showed the other day, when the two met in the first semi-final leg at Brøndby Stadion. Barely 15,000 attended the match at Brøndby Stadion, where we probably and under "normal" circumstances would've seen 30,000 instead. The fact that the match was played on a weekday could have something to do with the attendance, but it's just a poor excuse, really.

The match tomorrow might have about 35-40,000 though, and that's definitely good news. This time around there's much more at stake than "just" a semi-final in the Cup. It's the championship that's at stake!

Tough to predict a winner

Tougher than ever probably. If Brøndby wouldn't have won Wednesday FCK would've been clear favourites to win tomorrow. Brøndby did win, and the slim 1-0 win can show to be more important than many have predicted. Brøndby has had a rather, if not really, poor start to the spring with collecting only two points out of the possible nine. FCK on the other hand have three wins out three. With the win Brøndby not only got a decent result for the coming second leg, but certainly also a boost of confidence concerning tomorrow's "re"-match.

If I had to predict the result, I would say that the match will finish in a draw - most likely 1-1.

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Brøndby IF: Squad and Possible XI

16. Casper Ankergren
1. Karim Zaza
3. Morten Wieghorst
4. Per Nielsen
5. Dan Anton Johansen
6. Sebastian Svärd
7. Thomas Kahlenberg
8. Kim Daugaard
9. Martin Retov
12. Jonas Kamper
14. Thomas Hansen
15. Ruben Bagger
17. Morten Skoubo
19. Johan Elmander
20. Asbjørn Sennels
24. Johan Absalonsen
26. Mads Jørgensen

Daniel Agger is banned due to his two yellow cards in the previous SL-match against FC Midtjylland. 21-year-old Thomas Hansen takes his place in the squad and possibly also in the starting line-up - next to Per Nielsen in the central defence.

It's good to see Johan Absalonsen back in the squad. The young winger and his everlasting drive have actually been missed in the first three league matches.

Possible line-up


Dan Anton - Per Nielsen [cap.] - Hansen - Sennels

Retov - Svärd

Kamper - Elmander - Kahlenberg


As I've already pointed out, Thomas Hansen will probably take Daniel Agger's place next to Per Nielsen in our defence.

Then I hope Sebastian Svärd will be selected as the partner to Martin Retov in midfield - instead of Kim Daugaard, who haven't hit the proper and expected form so far this spring. Svärd was one of the better players in our disastrous Royal League-matches in February and Wednesday against FCK he was a huge reason for our dominance in midfield.

Kamper's performance in the second half against FCK, after he had replaced a poor Mads Jørgensen at half time, was superb and I believe he'll take the right-wing spot tomorrow, and once more toy with Peter Christiansen on the flank.

3 points!


I hope to see Kroldrup make a similar post about FCK ... :)

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Well, what is there to say..? We once more didn't produce the goods. Today we got run over by a much sharper and better playing FCK-side. We started the match pretty good with a few chances - none of them big ones, but it made us look to have the upper hand in the match. Then came two quick FCK-goals - the first in the 13th minute and the second in the 17th - and killed our game totally. 20 minutes gone and the win looked very distant. We once more came out strong, when the second half began. Johan Elmander, who once more had played a good match, got in a one-on-one situation with Raboczki in the FCK-goal, but missed the enormous chance disgracefully. Shortly after FCK got the final and third goal of the match.

16 points have become 6 - in 4 matches! We've scored one single goal in those 4 matches. That simply isn't good enough, and pretty much the reason why we've come to this.

We still have a decent lead, but looking at how the teams have been performing in the spring so far, it'll probably only get closer from now on. FCK are having great fall whilst we're fighting to avoid the crisis, if we're not already experiencing it!

Starting line-up

Ankergren (7)

Dan Anton (7) - Per Nielsen (8) - Hansen (5) - Sennels (03)

Retov (8) - Svärd (8)

Kamper (6) - Elmander (8) - Kahlenberg (7)

Skoubo (6)

Young Thomas Hansen couldn't replace equally young, Daniel Agger. Zuma toyed with him today. Sennels was just awful today, and fully deserved got substituted in the second half, where Kim Daugaard got his spot.

Retov and Svärd played fairly good, but not enough to make a difference.

Elmander once more played a good match, but why on earth can't he score!? That one-on-one miss was simply a disgrace!


FCK - Brøndby 3-0 (2-0)
13' 1-0 Sibusiso Zuma
17' 2-0 Hjalte Nørregaard
64' 3-0 Magne Hoset

Attendance: 40,654

I don't know why we just didn't sit back and waited for FCK to make their move, and then hit them with counter-attacks? We had a 9 point lead before the match, and FCK presumably had to come out attacking if they desired to get any closer to us in the top. But it was us, who came out attacking, and FCK who hit us on counter-attacks.
This lost os the match.

Next round we're visiting Viborg. A ground we always have a hard time visiting.

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How was it that Alvaro Santos ripped his shirt so badly?
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