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FC Copenhagen's Martin Albrechtsen

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Any news about this guy???
What position he play?

Inter tracking in-form Dane

Inter Milan is reportedly tracking FC Copenhagen's Martin Albrechtsen according to reports from FBOLD.dk.
Albrechtsen has been in fine form this season and has caught the eye of Danish international coach Morten Olsen.

Inter scouts will attend this Sunday's clash between FC Copenhagen and Silkeborg to monitor Albrechtsen's form. From FBold.dk.

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I certainly don't hope we lose this guy already *nervous*, Dolph Lundgreen, which we call him because of his strength :strong:, came to us from AB for around 15 million Danish Kroner, which is like 1.4 mill. £. He's a very disciplined guy, who keeps our defense together in the most impressive way considering we've changed three spots over the winter break. He's very authorative, good at passing and great in the air.

If he leaves, which would be terrible as we then AGAIN would have to play a new brick into our defense, I hope we get alot of money for him, which also would seem likely since we are the Danish club with the best economy, and we're not exactly desperate to get rid of this diamond :).
DBOY said:
Dolph Lundgreen, which we call him because of his strength :strong:
What about his haircut;)?
First of all i have red this rumour tons of times, starting more than 1 year ago...

Martin Albrectsen is a great defender with a huge potential. He has had his international debut. I think he is a allround defender who is both pretty fast, a good tackler and pretty good in the air.

I would personally LOVE to see him in Inter, but i think a move for him is to early. There is no need for buying a talent whos place will for sure be on the bench. Its better for both Albrectsen, Inter and FCK (maybe Inter should buy him afterall...;)) if a move for him was made in a year or so...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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