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i don't know if it'd been already made or been discussed but let me ask you guys , your favorites :
the most favorite player :
the most important person :
the best player :
the best captain :

the best football shirt:

the best football shop:


1 ) iniesta
well, i can't tell you guys how much i love him, i don't think would anyone ever understand that.
2 ) cruyff
he is absolutely the MOST important person of history of barca, it can be clearly seen his legacy and what he's done for barca ( the trophies we've won after/before him )
3 ) messi
i think noone whether doubts in his technical ability, he's purest talented guy ever.
4 ) puyol
his behavior during on/off the pitch say it all, that why he's the best captain

5)2015 Barca home shirt


I do not know how to express the love for this shirt.

feel free to say your reasons guys
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