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Hehe seeing that there are absolutely no replies in the Oceania aka Aussie forum I'll just say that I go for the Northern Spirit cause they're our local team Loose Moose.
But they've had a shocker this season :|

C'mon we need a proper moderator here and revive the NSL!!


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Killed in action!! what difference does a moderator make?

seriously the nesl is stuffed
i went to see a game at parra stadium
parra vs south melbourne
friday night
3,000 people!!!!!!!!
what is that?
how can we expect the nsl to grow with those attendances
and also we cant get top imports like usa and japan

i hope that some day the nsl will be good

i like marconi THE GREAT STALLIONS

with the great players
bobo vieri :) corica and the great okon :)

now i like Awaratifi :)

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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