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This might sound complicated and way too analytical when it comes to tactical play. But hear me out on this one.

Inter plays a normal 4-4-2 where the wingers are supposed to be offensive and the central midfielders are supposed to be defensive. This might seem like it. But in reality we do not really depend on this and we don´t play like it either.

I would wanna draw this, but I can´t since the keyboard doesn´t have any keys that I need to have. I wanna use some arrows, but it´s not possible. :(

But when we come from defence to offence, the distance between our defenders and especially our wingbacks and the midfield and especially the wingers are minimal. This makes the counter attacks go quite slowly and why our wingers doesn´t have the time to cross the balls fast enough.

Let use picture this:

Our opponent wingers are attacking from the flank. Let´s say that they are attacking from our left flank, on Coco´s side. This is the scenario we get from the back 4 and our two wingers:

¤ = The ball

__Zanetti --->___Cordoba__Materazzi__Coco --> ¤
__ ^___________________ <--|-->
___-_____________________________ - - >
___-_____________________________ -

Let me clarify this with words since it´s a pain in the ass to make this look decent and realistic.

Coco is challenging the right winger of the opponent team who is seeking for a cross. Materazzi moves out a bit to the closest defender to mark him, while Cordoba is taking the other striker to beat him in the air in case a cross comes. The joker here is the opponent teams left winger that moves down central to be ready for a cross as well. Him is Zanetti taking care of.
Since Recoba doesn´t move as a real left winger and goes central in defence and covers one of the central midfielders.
Conceiçao goes down on a right back position as well.

So what happens now when we take over the ball and are supposed to start a counter attack?

Simple. We only get three offensive minded players that can start this counter attack. It´s Recoba who hasn´t gone down in defence and covered the position Coco has because Coco will challenge the player who has the ball.
Then it´s the two strikers whereas one of them usually is being played in midfield during this scenario. But our central midfield is empty with players because both Di Biagio and Cristiano has gone right outside of the penalty box to cover some players that can get the ball and get a good shooting oppurtunity. Our right flank is empty because Conceiçao has been ordered to cover Zanetti´s right back position when Zanetti moves central to mark the left winger of the opposite team who has also gone central.
And then it´s the lonely striker who can just get a long ball to take down on the chest or head it to someone.

All in all, the options are minimal and we don´t get anywhere, and the counter attacks goes very slow.

What we usually do is to start the counter attack with playing Recoba or the striker that is playing in midfield during this scenario. Then someone of them holds the ball for some seconds while the central midfield can move up and then they pass the ball to either Di Biagio or Cristiano. One of them passes the ball to now Zanetti who has moved up a bit and is at this moment just a few meters away from Conceiçao and this is in the central of the pitch. The opponents have the chance to find their positions again and cover the players that are gonna do the counter attack.
So Zanetti carries the ball for some meters and then passes to Conceiçao who advances to offence and seeks for a crossing chance. What happens now is that both the opponents central midfielder that plays the most defensive and on the left side of the midfield and the left back is now challenging Conceiçao who has to stop and try to dribble past them OR pass the ball back to Zanetti who is unmarked but too far away from making a dangerous cross.
So this all ends up with NOTHING and the counter attack has gone too slow and the cross never happened. We either try to win a corner or pass our way to the next flank to see if there are any openings there. Or we just simply try to pack Ronaldo or whoever outside the penalty box and hoping for the best. But there are too many defenders and central midfielders taking care of him.

So no goal!

Now what should be done is IMO this:

We need a new left winger that does more defending than what Recoba does. This allows Materazzi to take care of a player in the air and not just on the ground. This left winger takes Coco´s place or just make sure that the closest player nearby is being taken care of and marking him. Then Materazzi won´t have that job.
That means that one of our central midfielders doesn´t have to go all the way down outside the penalty box to take care of that player that now the new left winger would do. This midfielder who I would want to be Emre should be the key to our fast counter attack instead.
We will now be left with more options. As soon as the ball is on our feets, our both wingers who have gone down and covering some players is fast up on the middle of the pitch and being able for a pass.
Emre can then either pass the ball to one of the wingers who can fast advance on the flank, where the fullbacks of the opponent team is for sure on our defensive zone and not there to mark the wingers. Then Vieri who would be coming from a midfield position can either go to the farest post and get a perfect cross and head it in. Or come in the nearest post and put it in with his foot.


We use Emre to pass the ball fast to Vieri who is always lying behind Ronaldo when they play togheter. Vieri makes a fast pass to Ronaldo who is on top waiting for a pass where the opponent team will try to put him offside. If he´s smart enough he don´t get offside and he will be alone with the keeper. Ronaldo has the pace for this. This is similar to the goal against Verona.

It´s a goal!

This means fast counter attacks where the defence and midfield is further away from eachother when we defend. We don´t go down with all 4 midfielders to help out in defence and switches so many positions. We leave one of the central midfielders more closer to the middle of the pitch (of course further down) and doesn´t bring down the wingers completely in the penalty box or just outside it. The wingers will be left with more freedom and they need to be alert on the counter attacks.
We will still be covering the players we need, have a safe defence PLUS be more faster on counter attacks. Last season the gap between our defence and midfield was minimal and I think this might be a reason for why the normally very offensive minded Conceiçao wasn´t able to perform like he usually is.

I can´t make this tactic with arrows on the computer so just read and imagine the things I have said and keep an image in your head. :)

Does it sound logical?

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I feel asleep after the 5th paragraph sorry! :D

But I am sure you wrote something very interesting as I know you are the trainer of a very important football team in Sweden ;)

I want Jimmy as the Inter's coach when Cuper leaves us!!! :D :D :D

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I guess This would be the Inter Paradox 101 :D

It's true that with a more defensive or Real left wing, we would have more balance in the Team as it is. Far better transition from defense to offense, a Compact squad all over.

But, if We take Recoba out, we would lose our best player when it comes to free kicks, and also he is the only creative force in our midfield. Another thing is we pay a lot for him so benching him wont be the best option.

Anyone would Say well let's sell Recoba and get a true winger. well its not that easy, and maybe not the best thing to do.

First of All Cuper hasnt committed to us past this season, and with the opening in the argentinian nt he might "ditch" us, and If we bring another coach we might indeed a playmaker and Recoba would be that guy for us.

El Chino Salary its huge and noone is tha Interested in him because of that, if we give him away we might lose lots of money, which is not good bussiness for Inter.

My Point is this matter is a bit complicated :)

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I think this matter is very complicated, not only because of the financial factors, but a tactic that works on paper doesn't always get carried out perfectly on the field.

But using a 4-4-2, you can't really expect an effective counter attack unless you have carlos and serginho or cafu or any offensive backs AND offensive wingers AND you have to abandon the danger of counter-counter attacks. 4-4-2 is simply a defensive style where a 3-5-2 is much more mobile on the midfield, and i've always believed that 3-5-2 is the best tactic. ANYWAYS.

Chino is probably the link to the counter attack, but at the same time, he is our best (at times) our best form of attack. If we are to use emre, then he has to be able to make critical passes to vieri and hoping to find ronaldo in front. Ronaldo and vieri then have to play a little lower instead of having emre making a long @ss pass and risk the poccession.

I think jimmy's opinion is one of the solutions, one that needs ronaldo and vieri to run a lot more and depend on their individual skill a lot- not that they can't, but if either ronnie or bobo is not on the field, our counter attack wouldn't work well.

What i dont understand is that why conceciao have to move back to cover JZ's right back position? IMO JZ should stay with his leftwinger opposition (unless seriously outnumbered) where the central mid, gigi and CZ covering little inside the box and vieri and ronaldo stay outside the box.
That way, conceciao and chino would have space and time to create a counter attack PLUS vieri and ronnie supporting in the center if need to.

IMO there is something unsettling about not ultalizing our central midfield and it's important to dominate the central mid since the central midfield gives you the best options: whether to pass to the left flank and the right flank without having to rely on long switch passes.

BUT overall, my opinion on this is just "get" a central midfielder that can create danger on his own. With this player on the field, he not only can create more counter attack menuvors, but also very useful during systematic attacks. Since our central midfield isn't very creative right now.

What do you think?

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:eek: :eek: :eek:

After Moratti Finally stopped involving him self in the managers work , we've got now Jimmy instead of him :D :rolleyes:

I think in the defensive tactics there is no one better than hector cuper. Last season we let too much goal into our net , thats because of the injuries of our defenders in the mid season which left us without any great replacements , and of course the left side problem .

This season i think that our defence is very greater that last season , because of getting coco and i was really impressed with Sorondo's and Gamarra's perfomance during the world cup .

So I think we are in a better sitaution than last season . :howler: :howler: :howler:

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Jimmy You are absolutly amazing.....:dazed: :D :D :D :D

Did You figure out how to become a succesfull trainer in the future at home? I´m sure Mr. Massimo himself will hire you someday...

BTW Great thread but I must say I didn´t read it all....;)

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Interesting concept.

But if it were right it would mean that we lose the ball often and didn't score enough. This is not true.

The truth is that where u read Sergio u should put Dalmat....and Dalmat coming out of defence is not going to lose the ball or pass it back as often as Sergio would. With Dalmat coming out defence u and I must realize that there are suddenly more option and definately!!!!!! more positive possibilities.

But i remember thinking abt this before. C.Zanetti and DiBiagio when we sit back and defend always end up playing right on the D of the penalty area which is ridiculous.

However.,......when C.Zanetti is in the middle of the opposition's transition game its pretty ridiculous teh way he wins the ball back and starts counter attacks. He's very successful at doing it. He reads the game well enough to gett between passes, intercept and start our attacks. Whicch then obviously really are COUNTER attacks.

That is why INTER won so many games last season......the transition game. C.Zanetti to Recoba to Vieri.....C.Zaneti to Seedorf to Vieri to Recoba......C.Zanetti to Dalmat to Recoba.

Just re watch a few games last season and u will see what i mean Jimpa......the problem for INTER comes when Sergio is on the field and due to his pace he is one of teh first options......but when faced with a defender he can do nothing but turn around cos his individual skill is far behind Dalmat or even Okan.

That is why Dalmat is so important to our right wing.

is teh problem on the left Recoba? I think not.....

The problem on the left does not exist if you ask me. I think its a figmant of our imagination. Cos i don't see any problems. Especially not Coco has come. Recoba has defended very well this season and i honestly IN ALL HONESTY!!!! Don't see the point you're making abtthe left wing.

When CHino has played there he has defended with the uttmost tenacity and conviction.

A true world class defencive effort by CHino thiss season. U need to rewatch games like CHievo INTER when CHino's work rate was outrageous and his pace and skill allowed him to get forward when in transition quickly.

Yes i see what u mean abt the transition not being able to be designed on the chalk board for teh INTER players because CUper would be asking Dalmat and Recoba the wingers to simply come back and defend and when we regain possession. Instead of using some kinda tactical plan CUper would have to be saying use your individual brilliance to get up to the front without losing possession.

Yes its not something that can be planned. But that is how INTER have always played. And what is the purpose of having players on the wings like Dalmat and Recoba without usuing their skill and bogging them down with tacticla designs.

yes the transition at INTER can be painful. But almost all of thise games are games where Sergio plays a major role. He is fast so he is an obvious outlet for any defender coming out of defence with the ball after an opposition attack. But when defenders get back he can do nuthin but pass back the ball or lose it. Same thing with Seedorf at times

We'll see what happens.....we'll see.

But INTER is good as it is. The wingers just need to be able to get past defenders one on one. If that is possible it will work. Guly and Sergio are the ones that cause the problems u have talked about

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TAZZ said:
A true world class defencive effort by CHino thiss season. U need to rewatch games like CHievo INTER when CHino's work rate was outrageous and his pace and skill allowed him to get forward when in transition quickly.
Tazz, if you are talking about the second Chievo - Inter match, Recoba didn´t play as a left winger. He played on top with Ronaldo as a matter of fact. :)
Dalmat was the left winger. ;)

But I understand what you mean and I agree that Recoba DID defend a lot. Not in the same way as for example Guly was defending with Georgatos at the beginning of the season. Guly ran in behind Georgatos and took his position in the penalty box. That was the only positive thing I saw of Guly. Recoba on the other hand didn´t go down that far in defence and covered for Gresko. But he defended from his position and he went down much lower than I could have ever imagined.

I have this week changed my mind about removing Recoba actually. I think he might be the one that we need now when Coco is the left back and Recoba won´t have to do so much defending and Cristiano won´t have to cover on the left flank all the time. I want a diamond midfield with Conceiçao (on form, otherwise Okan) on right wing, Cristiano as the ballwinner, Recoba on the left wing and DALMAT!!! on the offensive central midfield position with defensive duties.

I also think that can improve our counter attacks and ability of keeping our positions. Cristiano runs everywhere and as you said, he rules at winning the ball and distribute it immediately.

Nice reply though. ;):star:
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