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Fantasy-Man utd VS Arsenal

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Hi welcome this is the fantasy writing of the game that might decide EPL's true champion. it starts Man utd verse Arsenal..let it begin...
just some notes: only 3 subs used
dont make it to stupid like henry fly's through the air etc.
try to make it seem real
write a estimate of what time your piece finishes at eg its the 13th minute of the game
then the next writer continues from that
there is half time and full time etc
more rules will come into place when it progresses

Hello i am SW in the commentry box and welcome to todays EPL match of the week
this is such a crucial time for arsenal as they try to win a EPL and become the true champions out of the dominance of man utd for the past years. man utd will try to snatch a win here and remain as englands champion. It is to bad to see liverpool falling out of the title race at the crucial end, but they sit neatly in 3rd place on the EPL table. lets stop jabbering and get into action.

Arsenals starting line up looks something like this
Cole - Adams - Campbell - Lauran
Freddie - Parlour - Viera - Wiltord
Berggy - Henry

subs: dixon, kanu, jeffers, edu, wright

Man utd line up looks like this
with keane still out from that hamstring injury early april against depo in the CL
Gary- Blanc- Johnsen-Silvestre
Becks-veron-Giggs- Fortune
Van Nistelrooy-Ole

subs: Phil, carroll, butt, forlan, irwin

Here is the start of much, man utd kicks off...
*whistle blows*
ruud passes the ball deep to blanc. he searches for a pass. henry runs up to blanc trying to get the ball off him, blanc passes the ball to veron. veron magically dummies and the ball ends up with becks who runs down the left side of the field. Arsenal's defenders are running back hastily. ruud tries to stay on side, but sol campbell is marking him already with beck firing a curved lob into the penalty area.......

*6 mins into play
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Nice tread Swift!

....and up rises Adams majesticelly, and heads the ball away from danger.
You can see it's a whole another Arsenal defence with their captain Adams back, with all respect to Igors, Upson, Keown and Campbell, but there's only one Tony Adams.
Vieira is gathering the ball and finds Freddie on the left flank, Bergy meets the ball and turns up quickly, with Henry running to his left and Wiltord to his right it looks very dangerous!
So here comes the Dutch master, still with the ball, and trying to find Henry, and he gets the ball and neither Blanc nor another defender is anyway near him, Henry's head to head to Barthez....
...but there's goes the linesman's flag up. Offside.
Some brilliant play by a paceful Arsenal side, but also great defending by the Man U back four, holding the line together.
So it's a freekick for Man U and Barthez is kicking it deep into the Arsenal half-side....

*10 mins gone
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Barthez sends the ball deep into the centre! Up jumps for the ball Wiltord and Keane! But as Wiltord comes down, he accidently lands on Keanes shoe, un-tie's his shoe lace! Keane losses his temper, and get out of control! He's jumping over Wiltords head and banging his head to the ground, and grabs him by the throat! (typical Keane behaviour ;))! Poor ol' Ref runs towards the ugly scene trying to calm Keane down (What a mistake that was!) Keane, immediatly jumps one the Ref, and starts beating the living daylight out of him! The Ref, terrified, runs towards the side line for his life! And left with no choice, shows Keane the yellow card :eek: !

*12 mins into game!

;) :D
beckham takes the ball and passes it to veron who tries to get past vieira but vieira makes a great tackle , takes the ball and starts a counter attack for the gunners , he passes it to parlour , who with one touch give it to freddie , freddie runs down the left , finds bergkamp on the edge of the penalty area , bergkamp dumbs neville and blanc and makes a lovely chip , baby its going in .......... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah , hits the bar !!!

20mins into the game ..
and in...........what a beauty from Bergkamp 1-0 to the Arse and no more than they deserve ;)
Keane is berating the ref from the stand let's hope he doesn't repeat that disgraceful pitch invasion he did earlier.Utd kick off Butt to Beckham who launches one of his famous 50 yard crossfield balls straight onto Campbells head who nods it to Razor,quick one-two with Sylvi and he's away from Veron and Giggs and hits a low cross Blanc can't cut it out and Kanu arrives from the bench to meet it with his shoulder onto his head,he sends Neville one way,Blanc the other dribbles round Beckham,has a cup of tea and a ***,flicks it up with his heel,he must score surely from two yards,no he's blasted the ball into the Stretford End............oh that stupid Manc has got mayonaisse all down his Burberry scarf now.

23 mins.........................
its 23mins into the game.....fregie is pretty furious with his players as he stands up from his sits and starts signalling his players to push forward.
seaman linse up the goal kick far into the mid...veron heads to beckham, the defense is tight around him but he manages to get the ball lobbed to the other side of the field. now its fortune with the ball down the right side. lauran is running to him and giggs and ole running down near him into the penalty area. fortune tries to lob the ball into the area but it bounces off awkwardly frmo laruans foot when he was trying to block. the ball flies in just behind ole and giggs and and arsenals defenders.
no one is there to pick it up
wiat...whose that coming to kick the ball......

......It's Gunnersaurus! What the hell is he doing there, but hey what a clearance straight into the path of Ljungberg. Silvestre comes in quickly to close him down, but Freddie does a cheeky nutmeg and leaves Silvestre for dead, Johnsen comes across to cover for Silvestre but Freddie goes round Johnsen, but Johnsen grabs Ljungberg's shirt. 'Come on Ref.' *whistle blows* The referee gets his book out and gives Johnsen a yellow card. The United fans seem to be getting a little fustrated. 'The referee's a w*nker.'
Bergkamp comes across to take the freekick. He whips it in with real pace, but Blanc rises above Campbell and heads it clear. Giggs picks up the loose ball and accelerates down the left wing, this is a great counter attack by United. Giggs sees Van Nistellrooy make a great run, Giggs puts a through ball in and Van Nistellrooy is behind the defence. Van Nistellrooy's first touch is poor as Seaman comes racing out, who's gonna get there first...........

34 Mins...........
.....ruud and seaman both collide together and the ball bounces out. man utd fans are screaming at the ref for a penalty and the gunners and talking to the ref aswell saying that it wasnt, the ref is going to the lines man. the talked and now they came bacl. the stadium is chanting man utd songs as they think they would have a penalty. the ref........

37 mins....
whistles for a penalty ..... what a mistake ....
Ruud van nistelrooy takes the kick so that he can be the league's top scorer .... shoots the ball

and SCORES!!!!!!!!!He drills it low into the right hand corner of the net.Seaman guessed the right way but the shot carried too much power for him to do anything.Arsenal players are still complaining to the ref.Its 1-1!!!!!

The roof of Old Trafford collapsing with the crescendo of noise made by the Trafford faithfuls.

Arsenal kick-off.......

40 mins.........
the kick off...
Henry gives a short pass to Wiltord who flies up the wing. Beckham chases after him, but Wiltord is too fast. He comes up against Neville, tries to dribble around him, but unfortunately Neville picks the ball of Wiltord and passes back down to Beckham. Beckham lobs the ball over the head of the advancing Parlour and into the path of Giggs, but Sol is there and disposses Giggs of the ball immediately. Sol gives it to Vieira who hits a scything pass through the Man U defense and into the path Henry, with Johnsen and Barthez in front of him! As Silvestre runs in to help Johnsen, Freddie starts making a run....
43 mins...
freddie goes onto henry's left...man utd defense is homing down onto henry...henry fakes a pass to freddie..does a 360 turn shoots..barthez is cought off guard..SCORES!!!!!
the gunners go into celebration with the quick equaliser.
Man utd kick off...ruud to veron, veron moves back as parlour closes down on him, veron didnt realise parlour is already so close! loses the ball.....3 mins to be added on. parlour dribbles slowly towards the left side keeping to ball in possesion just to waste some time...Silvestre comes up with a nasty challange from behind..parlour isnt happy and grabs Silvestre's shirt....

For that challenge Parlour gets a warning from the referee. MU gets a free kick, the referee blows for halftime.
After a 15 min break, we can see all those Arsenal players are really pumped out for the second half. Looks like Wenger had reminded them that this match is going to decide for the title.

46th min, Arsenal kicks off!!! Henry passes the ball to Bergkamp, Bergkamp passes the ball to Vieira....Vieira started Arsenal attack. He skipped pass Veron's challenge, then tried to make a through pass to Bergkamp. Bergkamp made the exact same move like the one against Newcastle against Blanc.

Bergkamp all alone, 1vs1 against Barthez......He skipped pass Barthez and scored !!! What a goal !!!!!!!! :D The crowd was in exaltation !!!!!!!!!

48th minutes, MU kicks off........
...beckham recieves the ball goes by himself down the wing..a quick one two with gigs and his in the penalty boox, a little lob over seaman goes, he gets a touch and parrys it out for a corner....man utd makes a SUB...forlan for fortune and its now a 4-3-3 formation...looks like ferggie is pushing for it. in response wenger makes a SUB, parlour for edu. the crowd appaules the subs coming off and on...the game continues..beckham taking the corner..

54 mins...
.... Suddenly, RVN kicks the bar. He was depressed becouse of the chances he had and only finished one penalty. He had his leg broken. Ferguson realize that no more striker in the bench, and decide to make substitution. Guess who is warming up...... Ferguson himself. He comes on the pitch for injured RVN.........What a game......:D :D
Fergie being the genius that he is, he comes on wearing Ruuds No.10 shirt!

UTD kick off, Keane to Giggs on the left, takes on Edu, gets passed Lauren wonderful with a great spinning trick, running towards the corner flag puts in a deep deep cross to the right...

Beckham comes just to keep the ball in with a greqat sliding volley that makes its way to, who else but Fergie himselg, Fergie being so arcobatic with the flight of the ball does an overhead kick which rattles the left post, only to rebound of the right and its IN!

Oh my word UTD back!

Its now 3-2 for Arsenal!

59 mins gone...

(Come on u UTD fans ;))
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Fergie has had a stroke on the pitch :depress: and Vieira doesn't like it and has punched the old fella in the gob.The ref sends Fergie off for blatant homosexuality but what about Paddy.....This is unbelievable the ref has given Paddy a great big medal for duty to Queen and Country.The Arsenal kick off with a man advantage and are piling on the pressure.Bergy picks the ball up in the hole,he plays it through to Freddie who has only Barthez to beat Freddie pushes it round the bald Frenchman and................

61 mins
...hits the post but henry taps it in....4-2...wonderful attacking playing from arsenal, attractive and affective. how much can you ask for.
oh wait a streacker is on the field..this is giving the players a good laugh and the fans..the cops are after him....he gets the soccer bal and still running!!! oh wait...he bumps into keane and...

......and Keane begins to stroke the streaker's arse. Unbelieveable, I have not seen this side of Keane before. The police race onto the pitch and arrest the streaker, Keane gives him a little wink as he leaves. The referee walks up to Keane slowly and caustiously, I guess he doesn't want a piece of the action, and he pulls out a yellow card, for again Homosexual behaviour. Keane seems really pissed off. The Ref calls for a bounce ball. Vieira and Beckham go to contest the bounce ball. The Ref bounces it and.......................

y duz arsenal have to win? ;) LOL!
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