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a friend of me has received a mail by a journalist who would like to have songtexts of fansongs, maybe some of you are interested in helping him:

I am a journalist and I make an investigation on the songs that are sung in the soccer stages. As it isnt impossible to visit all the stages, I ask myself, if you who you are fans with much experience, could help.

My question is the following one: could you send some texts to me of the songs that the fans of their clubs sing. The songs that I am looking for are of the type of which I describe here down:

- a song that belongs to a club (for example of Feynenoord club "Hand in hand" or the one of Barcelona "La gente Blaugrana")

- a song that is based on something typical, for example?
‘ jou ‘are shit and jou know jou are’, what is based on the song of pop music song ‘Go West’ by the Village People

- a song that is about its own team or one of the players of the team (can be about an historical fact or a little while important for the club).

- a song that is about another team or the player of another team, these songs often deal with worst (for example Rangers and Celtic, or in Holland Nec and Vitesse)(and could you explain why you sing this)

- a song that club tells on an important historical fact of club history (for example an important victory or one wins).

I appreciate your collaboration.

[email protected]
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