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John Gregory refused to criticise the fans who jeered the players wanting to leave the club during their 3-1 victory over Dubka Pribram.

Ugo Ehiogu and Gareth Southgate, who have both asked for transfers this summer, were booed throughout the game, while Julian Joachim - who has publically slammed Gregory - was treated to a rendition of "You're not fit to wear the shirt" when he joined the match as a substitute.

Gregory, who has insisted that none of these players will leave the club unless their valuation is reached, had no sympathy for his players saying there is a simple way of stopping such treatment.

"All the players need to do is state their allegiance to Villa," Gregory said. "Then they would be warmly applauded.

"The fans voiced their opinion and are not slow in coming forward. That is their right.

"I don't blame them for what they are doing. If you don't want to play for Villa then you should go and play for someone else.

"The supporters are very proud people. They idolise the players who play for this club."
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