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What punishment should a team get for fan violence?

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Fan Violence

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After watching the scenes from Tel Aviv where referee Shy Sheatrit was hit by a milk carton, I've decided to set up a poll about fan violence. What should be the punishment in cases of this kind?
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Radius with no audience (yes I know I'm biased, but I think this will hurt the audience the most).

Teams should be rewared with fruits and spices, instead of being bashed with hate and mices! :)

Legalize the trend :) mae violence sprout! don't listen the critics, listen to your heart! you want to hurt someone, go ahead! No one likes him! :) show him how you feel! bring chains and weapons to games that you prefer! :)

Its all good!
That's a good idea Hrevivo, haven't thought of it. Yes it does seem a bit strange that teams have to suffer as a consequence of what their fans do but that is the way it goes. I've recently heard that Maccabi TA are planning to sue a fan who threw a fire cracker and as a result made Maccabi pay a heavy fine..

Kappa, you really went over the line with this statement! :rolleyes:
Kaka doesn't know what a football match is, he's just talking nonsense.
shut up keren!

Both of you! :D

We all know why you can't indure violence in soccer! Is because you can't fight! :) don't got the muscles to do it! :)

Violence in soccer shall go on!! :)

Until jackass's and the corrup will end this bloddy seige of the game! Fans are cleary showing there fustration for there country, team or club! :) you cannot change it! you and your politicians the legislative council!

Violence is a healthy thing! :)
To see someone else in pain, instead of me, makes me feel good! :devil:

next time you, keren or anyone else here "DEARS" to call me KAKA, i will personally drag you by your heels and make your face meet some KAKA! :devil:
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Alright, enough both of you. Kappa, stop it or you'll force me to close this thread. If you can't behave I will report you and ask for your ban.
Are u feeling alright there Kappa18? U seem to bit a bit agro. How can u a gree with crowd violence. People die and I don't think that is a matter that should be taken so lightly. Just think about what u say next time Kappa...:rolleyes:
Our friend Kappa is having some issues, he doesn't seem to have much of a clue about what he talks about.
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