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arantes, will you go to Horr stadium this afternoon?
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If yes, he's already on his way, I guess. ;)
He lives in Vienna, so it shouldn't take him 3 hours to reach the Verteilerkreis....:)
Yeah, 'course I will.

Important match for both sides, so I don't expect too much class. Unfortunately GAK misses Tokic, who has been the most important player in this spring season IMO. And I don't trust in GAK's recent (extremely defensive) tactics too much against Rushfeldt and Janocko...
But at least the match is a reason to go outside on this sunny sunday afternoon. :)

Are you more optimistic?
I'm moderately optimistic.

Are you going to the GAK sector? Otherwise we could meet and visit a neutral sector...:)
Nice proposal, thank you. But I've already arranged to meet with some friends who come from Graz to see the match and I guess they want to go to GAK sector.
Maybe another time, I'm very curious about the "neutral" sector. ;)
Ok, no problem.

May it be a good and fair match!:)
Viola said:
He lives in Vienna, so it shouldn't take him 3 hours to reach the Verteilerkreis....:)
Good point! ;)
FAK - GAK 0:2

Yeah! :)
Unexpected wins are the greatest ones!
Great performance of the whole team, and that's exactly what I mean: they were a team, not only 11 players. Especially Eric "die Gazelle" Akoto proved me wrong and once again showed what a great player he can be.
Hard game to watch...
GAK, playing virtually without strikers, worked like a perfect collective without great individual performances (except Aufhauser, Ceh and Akoto) and made it very hard for a strange FAK side without heart, discipline or a system one could recognize.

A deserved win that kills our European hopes (cos we won't win at Bregenz), but also made me feel pity for players like Janocko or Rushfeldt, who had no one to play with - or anything to play for. If GAK would have Rushfeldt, they would have won 5-0, because - let's face it - Tutu and Kusi-Asare where a shame in front of the goal. Still, all the best for a place in the CL.
Well, would have been easier with Brunmayr in the condition he had in autumn, that's right. After an hour or so I thougt someone should remind them they only had 90 minutes to score a goal today...

I don't understand why Constantini didn't put Janocko in a more central position. Ramusch is still the best right winger in the league if you talk about Defensivverhalten, and that's the only reason he still plays. Even in games where he doesn't bring a single cross into the box (and I saw quite a lot of them the past 2 years), just nothing happens on his wing, even if his opponent is Janocko.
I thought the same way, Ramusch is a hell of a Klettn.
Viola said:
Ramusch is a hell of a Klettn.
Great comment! :D :cool:
Just a catastrophe. No EC for another season. I spare you my German comments. (as the ones interested read it in the other forums anyway ;))

I demand Datoru instead of Mayrleb in the starting XI in Bregenz!
btw: arantes, prepare to search for yourself on a photo some time in the future. ;)
... and arantes, I just noticed your date of birth:
Mate, you cheer the wrong team. You're exactly 70 years younger than FK Austria. ;)
Akoto was very good, and Ramusch taking care about Janocko on the left side worked out, too.
Well deserved win for GAK. :)

Starting Tutu over Kollmann is quite a shame though, Mr. Libregts. ;)
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