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Facing Mexico

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Only four from those playing in Bulgaria and 14 'foreigners' chose Plamen Markov
Hristo Stoichkov will watch the game on Giant Stadium even without an invitation:)
Most likely Milen Petkov won't play
Any predictions????
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It depends on which team Mexico will bring. If they use the same players like the ones they have used in the game against USA last night, they will get trounced by Bulgaria.
We were pretty pathetic against Ecuador. I don't know Mexico is a better team but if we don't get our act together it won't be too different. I was at the Giant Stadium (of course) against Ecuador and it was obvious that some pleyres did not pay too much attention and just came because they have to or to make some shopping in NYC ... I hope this Ecuador humiliation will be at least a bell for the players to concentrate for 90 min. We don't have anything to play for but for our pride ... I hope we won't be so bad again!

By the way ... at the Ecuador game they were clearly two groups of Bulgarians in the stadium ... I contacted some ppl from the other one and lets hope that for Mexico we can all get together in one place ... the Stadium will be pact with all the Mexicans living in the New York area so I hope we can make some small but strong and vocal dissent ...

Returning from NYC Manchev confessed that travelling to that part of the world was quite exhausting but they can't choose where to play
He sounded like :'It's something we're obliged to do ..'
Bono,I'm sure you'll be their inspiration:)
Yea, the way are my inspiration, Luba ;)

I don't know we will see ... as far as I can remember since 1986 (when we lost the 1/8 final 2-0 against Hugo Sahcnes, Bora and Co.) we have a pretty good record against Mexico ... and the last game an year or two ago we beat them in Mexico City ... So you never know with our guys. I believe we have a pretty good but young and not very experienced team. If the guys can be motiveted to play for real we can expect not that bad of a result ... and nice play which is probably more important now.
lets hope they will not dissappoint us again ... There were ppl in the Giant St. against Ecuador who were watching their first or second game in their life but were there just to support the BG team, to sing the Natioal Anthem and to waive the flag ... which is a good thing for a Bulgarian to do with our low selfexteam as a nation ... So I hope the players will take some notes and try their best the second time around ...
Without Berbatov,Milen ,Balukov and we'll see who else..
I have the feeling none of them cares about this national team.
It's not as it was7-8 years ago,motivation is important as you say,Bono
International Preview: Bulgaria vs. Mexico
Bulgaria - Mexico | News Archive

El Vasco is getting serious now (AP)
04/16/2002. This friendly match will be held in the Meadowlands of East Rutherford, New Jersey, just across from New York City on Wednesday at 19:00 eastern standard time.

Bulgaria: FIFA Rank: 52
At the moment Bulgaria is just looking for potential players for next year's European Championship qualifications. The Bulgarians failed to qualify for this year World Cup, after finishing 3rd in Group 3 of the UEFA's World Cup Qualifying. However in their last match against Mexico in Morelia, Mexico, the Bulgarians pulled off a stunning 2-0 victory against El Tri on Jan. 24, 2001. Unfortunately a month ago Bulgaria played against Ecuador in the Giants Stadium and was soundly beaten 3-0. They hope to avoid the same result against the Aztec Warriors.

Bulgarian Roster:
Goalkeepers: Zdravko Zdravkov (FC Istanbulspor)

Defenders: Rossen Kirilov (Adanaspor), Predrag Pazin (Beijing Guo'an), Yordan Gospodinov (FK Ventspils), Galin Ivanov (CSKA Sofia), Ivailo Petkov (Istanbulspor AS), Danail Bachkov (FC Lokomotiv Plovdiv), Georgi Petrov (FC Lokomotiv Plovdiv)

Midfielders: Biser Ivanov (Levski Sofia), Todor Yanchev (CSKA Sofia), Georgi Peev (Dinamo Kiev), Stilian Petrov (Celtic)

Forwards: Marian Hristov (#1FC Kaiserslautern), Daniel Trendafilov (FC Lokomotiv Plovdiv), Georgi Ivanov (Levski Sofia), Svetoslav Todorov (Portsmouth FC), Zoran Jankovic (Dalian Shide), Martin Petrov (FC Wolsburg)

Mexico: FIFA Rank: 8
It is crunch time for El Tricolor. Javier "El Vasco" Aguirre wants to tighten the screws on the Azteca Machine, before the trip to Japan in May. El Vasco has called the best that Mexico has to offer, as El Tri travels down Broadway. Mexico will be trying to avoid embarrassments, like earlier this month with a lost the USA. El Vasco has Luis Hernandez, Cuauhtemoc Blanco, and Francisco Palencia fighting for a spot on the front for Japan. Also, Jorge Campos is trying to get back on the squad. Both Campos and Hernandez haven't played for El Tri, ever since El Vasco has taken over. They will be looking for a chance to impress.

Mexico Roster:
Goalkeepers: Óscar Pérez (CDSC Cruz Azul), Jorge Campos (Pumas UNAM), Oswaldo Sánchez (UA de Guadalajara)

Defenders: Manuel Vidrio (Pachuca CF), Francisco Gabriel de Anda (Pachuca CF), Melvin Brown (CDSC Cruz Azul), Alberto Rodríguez (Pachuca CF), Rafael Márquez (AS Monaco FC), Salvador Carmona (CD Toluca)

Midfielders: Gabriel Caballero (Pachuca CF), Sigifredo Mercado (CF Atlas), Germán Villa (Club América), Alberto García Aspe (Puebla FC), Joahan Rodríguez (Club Santos Laguna), Ramón Morales (UA de Guadalajara), Braulio Luna (CID Necaxa), Gerardo Torrado (Sevilla FC), Rafael García (CD Toluca)

Forwards: Jesús Arellano (CF Monterrey), Juan Francisco Palencia (RCD Espanyol), Cuauhtémoc Blanco (Real Valladolid), Luis Hernández (Club América), Jared Borgetti (Club Santos Laguna)

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Mexico-Bulgaria 1-0
Well it's not like 3-0:D
I understood that Zdravkov is in US hospital but I'm not sure about this info.
Good match for Gospodinov
Why Rosen Kirilov had to act like that...
In fact ,tell me your opinion about Milen Petkov
About his future in the BG team
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