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Luis Fabiano has a good chance of securing the #9 shirt for the next WC. He has been doing well enough - certainly better than Vagner Love did when he had the chance - and seems adapted to the position. His fighting spirit sometimes goes berserk, though, and we can only hope that he doesn't ever flip when wearing the yellow shirt.

But - looking at the bright side here, as this IS a Dedication Thread - Luis Fabiano does represent a proud lineage of talented-but-explosive footballers. From Heleno de Freitas to Dunga, from Almir Pernambuquinho to Edmundo; there have been a LOT of successful berzerkers in the history of Brasilian football. And unlike some of those past luminaries, Luis Fabiano never slapped a ref (as Heleno did once) or headbutted a teammate (as Dunga did once). ;)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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