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FA Cup|Arsenal vs. Cardiff Emirates Stadium 2.16.09 19:45 GMT

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Could be the debut of comrade AA and the return of Eddie Baby.

COME ON ARSENAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Finish these fvckers off.

Sick of playing mediocre matches, lets at least progress in the one cup in which we are considered a force.
I know there isn't much confidence from fans at the moment but there shouldn't be a problem in obtaining a victory in this game. League hopes are gone so this competition needs to be taken seriously.
I hope we don't struggle to score in this match, seem to be struggling loads lately. Hopefully see some of the younger players feature late on or something, likes of Gibbs and maybe a start for Vela? He could do with some first team action.
Eduardo, Arshavin, Vela, Gibbs and Bentnder will have a big role in this game I predict.
Arshavin will start on the left wing IMO. Think Nasri will be in the middle next to Song with Denilson right wing in place of Eboue. Eduardo will be on the bench with Van Persie and Vela will play next to Bendtner.
please dont take this to extra time. this is cardiff for christ sakes. 2-0 PLEASE.

Comrade Arshavin will not be eligible to play this game due to some rule I'd never heard of.

I guess he'll play against Sunderland then. Still, it'll be good to get some good solid training into him until the Sunderland game to get him as close to fit as possible.
I pray we see this 11





Subs: Almunia, RVP, Denilson, Kolo, Merdia, Clichy ?
Nice line-up Tunis. Maybe Eduardo could be replaced wıth Merida during the second half and Vela moved up front.:thumbsup:
No Diaby, Eboue, Ramsey or comrade Arshavin....

Potential line-up





Subs: Almunia, RVP, Kolo, Eddie, Wilshere, Bischoff and Merida

IMO we should drop Song, start Nasri in the middle and Wilshere on the RW but it's unlikely.
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How much longer will Wenger pursue with the footballing sin that is to play such a world class acm like Nasri as winger? Really does me in sometimes.
.............RVP Dudu
Gibbs Denilson Nasri Bender/JFW
Clichy Kolo Djourou Sagna
With Vela coming on around 60 regardless of the score...
Doubt Dudu is fit enough to start the game, he suits more starting from the bench.
If we beat Cardiff and Burnley we get another home cup tie against either Sheff Utd or Hull City. Draw has been kind, need to take advantage of our best chace at some silverware for the first time since 2005.
If there are no upsets, the semi-final line-up should look like this;

1. Arsenal
2. Manchester United
3. Chelsea
4. Everton

1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3 would be perfect.

Arsenal vs Man Utd at Wembley would be a dream final. A fantastic advert for English football.
One game at a time lads, Cardiff will be a big test tommorow.
After the last season bullshit of getting ManUtd in 5th round, fixtures are decent this time.
You've got to say the draw has been kind to us this year. Home wins over Cardiff, Burnley and Sheff Utd or Hull and we're in the semis with hopefully the likes of Fabregas, Walcott, Eduardo and Arshavin all fit and a serious shot at winning the cup.

Absolutely no excuses if we fail to make it to the last four.
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