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I hope he rots in hell at juve
i hope someone shoots him


No wait
keep him for 6 years and play him in a totla of 2 matches

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thats right
it is not trez fault that we lost to france, this is really stupid to say
Just kidding, he is just a human (someone already mentioned it before me), but I really think if someone else had this 2 chances, we would have won the match. Now, bad luck, till next time, and with this attitude (this fighting, this team spirit) and the guys from u21 champion, we could make some nice thinks in the future
Trezeguet is the man. Italy played well. Totti and Del Vecchio had great games. No need to diss Trezeguet because he is so good. Good games for both sides. The best team won.
wasnt his fault, was the whole team and del piero's.. how can he miss on excellent chances like that??!
Del Piero

when will people realise?
are you guys afraid to admit?
are you that brainwashed?
have you no minds of your own?
I have lost faith in him, he will never find his topp form again.

The best team won???

NO WAY. The best team on the night LOST.
If you say that the French were the best overall in the tournament....remember a certain penalty missed by Raul and the help of a VERY SCARED refree.

Actually I blame Sheva...why? Because he should have scored when he had that golden chance in Paris.

The best team did win. If Italy was so good they wouldnt have allowed France any chances. France won because they kept on pressing and pushing forward. Even if Raul made that penalty France would have beaten Spain in extra time. The penalty against Portugal was right, if Xavier's hand wasn't there then the ball would have gone across the goal line and some one from France would have tapped it in.
My dream is for the people of these forums to once be objective fans of football. We should all be able to settle our emotions and say that France is the best team. If Zoff can admit that, why can't some people in this forum. France were great, Italy were too. They surpassed everyones expectations. Rememer, many of you saying that Italy were the best team were the same ones at the beginning of the championship saying that they were a horrible team and that they had no chance at all. I think that many of you are being unfair to Del Piero. This is football, the most unpredictable of sports. Some days it comes off great, some days you cant shoot into an open net. All footballers fail some time, supporters should know this and push them on when they are in their most desperate of times. I also feel that it is absurd to hate someone for playing great football. What a goal by Trezeguet, one that will stick in my mind forever, have you ever seen a more beautiful goal to win a championship? Let's all remember why we love this sport and stop being so negative. I'm sure i sound a little preachy but i feel this negative talk has gone on long enough. Long live football.
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Del Piero would have buried those goals 10 times out of 10 in any other game. This game he couldn't. I am very dissapointed with him. Trezeguet is my enemy now, I hope we get Kluivert as well so Trezeguet will be on bench!!!!!!!
A really entertaining topic on a Juventus forum.

If Trez will be scoring next year I suppose you'll all forget your "hatred" for him right? Or you'll be wishing your team to lose rather than him scoring?

Sad cases...

P.S. The game wasn't lost when Trez scored, but the minute Wiltord scored. Anyone that can't see that really deserves his losing fate.
What's your bloody problem? Trezeguet is a very talented striker. I was also pretty pissed off that he scored and kicked Italy out of the tournament but why the hell do you want to kill the guy?

About the match, it was a total nightmarefor me personally and I felt horrible for Del Piero. He really should have scored, but I have not lost faith in him. He may not be the greatest striker anymore, but he will vindicate himself in next year's Champion's League
carlos: People who ACTUALLY saw Del Piero in 97/98 would now have I feel. Mirro, where are you? Come give me some support here! :) At least you agree with me. It's hard to accept as a die hard juventini the deal here. Yeah I saw his face, and it wasnt a pretty sight. I hope he'll return, I REALLY DO! But it aint gonna happen! Now we've found ourself a very young talented striker, David Trezeguet. So if we want glory this year, Inzaghi and Trezz as strikers, Zidane can feed them with assissts.

flarg: You know it to, stopp convincing yourself about Del Piero.
Not trezeguet's fault.
it's his job
hala i agree with you, i live in Toronto, Canada, the largest Italian community in North America and we have one long street where all Italians watch every game (Serie A too). Evereyone who didn't know soccer thought Italy was going to win even though Wiltord scored that goal. However the true Italians knew the game was over, and started discussing 2002 in the Far East.
Poor Trezeguet, what a timing to score ;)

Anyway, there's no need to despair actually:
Reminder : Euro 96. Nedved scored the winning goal for the Czechs that sent Italy out of the championships. Then Lazio bought him. Now he's one of Lazio's best players.
Who knows, the same will happen to Trezeguet for Juve (but I hope not :p )

Forza Lazio
it's nobody's fault.if we blamed del piero then how about cannavaro who unfortunately was not in his form. then if we blame cannavaro what about Zoff who (in my opinion) wrongly made a decision by replacing di biagio into ambrosini.di biagio was doing great that night,Zoff shouldn't replace him.what about albertini,who felt so guilty. i think,it's all the whole teams' fault,they were too soon to be happy.then loosing concerntration and let france won.i mean c'mon we were just unlucky.
forza Italy
forza Lazio
Hey, convincing myself?

Del Piero had a horrible season. He didn't score much in the Serie A, his club didnt win the Scudetto. In the European thing he messed up two great chances. This does not mean he is a BAD striker. If Italy had won that game people would just say: "oh well Del Piero had a bad game but who gives a sh1t Italy won."
Now because Wiltord managed to score in the 40 seconds that were left, and killed Italy's composure, and Italy lost the match, Del Piero's misses mattered so much more. That's the difference. Del Piero may never come back to his BEST, but he will be BACK, i believe this. It's not OVER for him, it's just not going to be sweet heaven with flowers and candy.

Del Piero screwed up, but it just doesn't mean it's over for him. I am not convincing myself, i believe this.

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CarlosMiguel is right guys , it's not trezeguet's fault that italy lost ......same as it is not italy's fault holland didn't won Euro2000
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