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Experts, Is Servino Lucas really as good as being named "next ronaldo"?

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Hi All, I read from some news sites (yahoo sport and sportal.it) that Inter Milan (my next supporting team after Brazilian national team, of course) is going to sign this guy, the news claimed "the new Ronaldo".

It's a pity that I did not know portuguese so little knowledge nor info I could search about him (even in the brazilian nat'l team site).

So the experts, how good is he and could he qualify to be named the "new ronaldo"??

Looking forward to comments. Thanks!
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this thing of "new ronaldo " is total garbage.
the guy is good, scores a lot of goals etc....but far from being the "new ronaldo"!
Ze, is he the Lucas who played in the Under-23 pre-Olympico? He was OK. No big deal.

No, he's not the next Ronaldo. There's always a next Ronaldo, next Maradona, next Zico, next Pele, next Romario, etc. About 18 months or 2 years ago, I heard Fabio Pinto would be the next Ronaldo. Yes, I know, who is Fabio Pinto? Exactly.
yes he is the same guy.
fabio pinto...is fabio jr.....who did not do well in Italy and today heats up the bench in Cruziero for a new promising star GIOVANNI!
fabio jr "heats up the bench." that's so funny!!!! :) he really was a bum in italy.

but what is so good about brazil is that every week we hear about "the next ronaldo." brazil makes so many wonderful new players all the time that brazil will always be number 1! that's why i'm so excited about the under-23 team in the olympics. that team is fantastic, full of exciting players.
you haven't seen nothing :)
that team did not have Edu, Felipe, Denilson, Reinaldo, Giovanni, Pedrinho ,Roger, or even Helton in goal.....if Luxemburgo has time to train the new olympics team....we are gonna ROCK:) the problem will be time for training:(
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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