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Both Seedorf and Di Biagio is suspended for THE game. And with Panucci and Moriero also out Inter have serious problems with their midfield.

I predict this midfield for Inter:


Does anyone get scared???

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Serena can't play on the right!

I think this would be it for Inter





Possible chances georgatos for serena
Vieri for Baggio or Zamorano
Jugovic is also not 100% fit but should
play with all their injuries
Maby Fresi will come in the midfield but
thats also unlikely.
Russo, Rivas, Colonnese and Domoraud haven't
played much so won't be in the strating 11.
Mutu is unlikely to start.
Ferron will probaly on the bench if Peruzzi not injured if so Frezzolini is on the bench.
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