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Ex-Valencianista Aarón Ñíguez

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Seems that Aaron has joined glasgow rangers on loan for the season, good move for him as long as he actually gets some football, the scottish league should toughen him up a bit, much like it did arteta.....maybe.......
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Nice ,, Hope he has a great campaign like Guaita did ,,
Good choice of team to loan him to imo. They've got a pretty weak attack so hopefull Aaron will get a good percentage of games under his belt then return to us next season. I'm hoping for another Guaita story. Then next year they can loan Isco from us :D
This is the defining year for Aaron. No more injuries please. If he is benched here I see it impossible for him to return with a squad number next year.
Yeah if he doesn't breakthrough this year then he will not have a future at Valencia :(
exactly this is his year!!!
Well... this kid hasn't had the best luck really
Yeah, he's been out the entire season so far with Recreativo Huelva. Groin injury I think.
Damn, this kid is so unlucky, i really beleived in him aswell :(
So hows the Rangers reject getting on these days chaps?
nd svck my cock while ur at it
is this guy aware that rangers are sh!te?
is this guy aware that rangers are sh!te?
Yeah you sure showed us last night! :howler:
ive suddenly found a new respect and admiration for celtic.
ive suddenly found a new respect and admiration for celtic.
:thumbsup: :D
ive suddenly found a new respect and admiration for celtic.

rangers suck th big tings
aaron niguez scored the tie goal for recre against barca B

That video didn't play for me...

Here is Aaron's goal...


What a stupid ass red card to get though. You know you are on a yellow card, so when you score you take your shirt off? Knowing you will get another yellow, and thus, red card? That's really stupid/immature. I'm sure the coach will not be best pleased by that...
its a goalazo! loool
FFS @ the red card :palm: It was probably all that frustration over those 3 years of shit loans, he just let it all out at once, so he probably wasn't even thinking :D

What a golazo though! I really wanna see Aaron succeed.
161 - 180 of 219 Posts
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