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Ex-Valencianista Aarón Ñíguez

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Seems that Aaron has joined glasgow rangers on loan for the season, good move for him as long as he actually gets some football, the scottish league should toughen him up a bit, much like it did arteta.....maybe.......
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he could be world class one day, but he is wasting away on your fcuking bench!
"He's one of these players that excites the fans," McCoist said to BBC Sport.

“He's got a lovely touch, he's got a good turn of pace and he can finish. Hopefully long-term, he'll be a great addition to our squad and our team.

"It's a little bit unfortunate we haven't seen more of him and I think there's no doubt we're probably to blame in that case.”
how is it unfortunate we haven't seen him alot when you blame yourself? god damn moron, it's not unfortunate it's your stupid ass to blame for not seeing him more. **** sakes some people are just morons
If we sell him i'll go fcuking ape shit!!!!
Aaron es un CRACK!!!
I caught the goal on SSN, put through 1 on 1 and nice cool finish. Then he took his shirt off and waved it in the hair, like he just don't care.
i like the rangers jersey.. its classy ...
I like your posts Malki :D, no non-nonsensical spamming, all thorough important posts, with relevancy. :thumbsup:

edit: ooh look at me using long words there, they are all spelt correctly too! long live mozilla firefox. :cool:
yeah same here ... :D Long live Safari... i can spell anything :D
He is making his first start today, in the Scottish Cup :thumbsup:
He has scored :D A re-taken penalty after he initially had his first effort saved, but the keeper was judged to have come too far off his line.
It was a decent game from Aaron. He lasted the full 90 minutes, and he did drift away in the second half, but first half he showed some nice touches and contributed well enough.
good news :D
Aaron is the next Villa.
4 Millions is good.. 5.5 million euros.. they wont pay it and we will keep him
How many times haven't I heard that from other players, it's nothing new, I don't think it will happen but hey, let's face it, we treated him like shit
61 - 80 of 219 Posts
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