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Ex-Valencianista Aarón Ñíguez

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Seems that Aaron has joined glasgow rangers on loan for the season, good move for him as long as he actually gets some football, the scottish league should toughen him up a bit, much like it did arteta.....maybe.......
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i hate rangers. i now love celtic.... with all my heart
Give yourself a pat on the back.

Grow up and keep to the topic without the pathetic comments above.

I hope all Valencia fans aren't like you.
we are all the same because we're all clones. the experiment went horribly wrong
Give yourself a pat on the back.

Grow up and keep to the topic without the pathetic comments above.

I hope all Valencia fans aren't like you.
well im glad to see that you're are able to take a joke...... im sorry but if your going to come to our forum accept the fact that we regularly take the p!ss out of each other. why would you take something so literally?? PR!CK

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Shut the hell up for god's sake, he haven't said anything special so no insults with calling him a cúnt or a prick.
And no, everybody is welcome to the forum without having to get insulted if they haven't insulted all of us which was not the case this time...

See this as an open warning by your local FM ;)
Whhaaaaaaaaaat !?! he comes on here being sarcy and calling me pathetic after a harmless joke and i get fcuked?! stupid if you ask me......
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I can take a joke but you'll need to post one first juankermanueltwat...

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yeah but ure scottish bruv
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Balague on Aaron:

I've had loads of emails from Rangers fans asking for my thoughts on Aaron Niguez.

Understandably, there is a lot of excitement at Rangers over the loan signing of Aaron from Valencia: after all, he comes with an outstanding pedigree after starring for Spain in the U17 European championships in 2006 and then playing an integral part in Spain's U19 European championship winning side in 2007.

You might think that he was guaranteed to become a full Spanish international at some point in the future. However, in spite of so much promise, he has yet to make the jump in to senior football and perform consistently at the required level. As he approaches 20-21 years of age he knows that it is time to step up and deliver and that this could be his last big chance.

Valencia know it as well, and they have grown tired of waiting for Aaron to deliver, hence a loan move to another club. His problem is consistency, or rather, a lack of consistency: he can be brilliant at times; he is versatile and he can run with the ball; he can beat a man and create chances - but he doesn't put enough of those chances away himself.

However, part of his problem stems from not having played under a manager who really believes in him, and that may all be about to change at Ibrox; which is exciting if it means he will be given a proper chance to prove what he can do and this move represents an opportunity to deliver on so much early promise. So, there is a question mark after his name, but we can at least be certain that he will give some thrilling moments to the SPL side.


I bet Unai is a manager Guillem is talking about. He could turn him into the finished product, just like he's working steadily with Fernandes and Alexis now and hopefully Ever in the future.

I wonder if Aaron is getting any minutes over there? Does anyone have a secret SPL fetish in here? :D
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i don't think he has even played yet!
VALENCIA admit they will review Aaron Niguez's loan spell at Rangers this summer - despite claiming they are not upset by the Spanish kid's lack of first-team action at Ibrox.

The youngster arrived on a two-year loan last summer but has failed to make an impact in Walter Smith's team.

Valencia won't put pressure on the Ibrox club to give Niguez games but will assess his situation in June.

Several Spanish Second Division clubs want the 19-year-old who has already played in the Champions League.

Valencia director Fernando Gomez said: "Our coach Unai Emeri receives a report from Rangers on Aaron's progress every month.

"He is considered the pearl of our young players.

"We are calm about the fact he hasn't played because we know how professional Rangers are as a club.

"We have never insisted he plays in the first team but we'll re-evaluate the situation at the end of the season. We are not resentful because he isn't playing."

Niguez should be included in Spain's squad for the Under-20 World Cup in the summer and insists he's happy at Ibrox.

He said: "I am improving as a player because I've had to get used to a different style of football in Scotland. You need more physical power.

"I train every day with the first team and am convinced I'll get my debut in the SPL - it's only a question of time."
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Why take a player on loan if you're never gonna use him? [email protected] of the highest order.

Good to see we still care about the kid though, hope the same is with Ever. Loan Niguez to a La Liga team that actually needs him and a put a clause on him that he should atleast play 20 matches or fine the bastards.
poor aaron is wasted in the fcuking dump that is glasgow. Bring him back in January send him to a segunda team or numancia some one like that? just make sure he plays, he is the future of our club.
he is very talented..he is our bojan :D
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