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Ex-Valencianista Aarón Ñíguez

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Seems that Aaron has joined glasgow rangers on loan for the season, good move for him as long as he actually gets some football, the scottish league should toughen him up a bit, much like it did arteta.....maybe.......
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Well his contract has been terminated too, he's gonna sign for Almeria. I you do your research you'll find that Tay predicted that he'd go there. What a shame. Que mala suerte este xaval, que mal. Good luck Aaron, Amunt.
hm... we got rid of alot of players .. the operation salida is working fine.. but without any money coming in..

so now its

Fernandes 2 Millions
Isco 7 Millions
Navarro 0
Del Horno -1
Aaron 0
Joaquin 5
Vicente 0
Renan (what happened to Renan?)
Chori (loan)
Stanke (terminated)

so i think here we saved around 15 millions on wages..
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yeah Moya onloan i think
Renan (what happened to Renan?)
Nothing official yet, but his contract will probably be terminated and he will sign with Internacional.
I'm glad they cleaned the house, that "reset button" should've been pressed a long time ago.
you have to have a squad of a certain number of players or you cant play UCL football because of UEFAs new fair play rules that's why these contracts are being terminated so rapidly this season.

I've even heard talk that Man City will not be able to play UCL football because their squad size is larger than the rules require.
Rummenigge from Bayern Munich thinks so though.... if it actually happens it would be comical.
that would truely make me very happy. Would serve them right
What's the limit, 25 players?
That's not how it works. You can have as many players as you want, but you can only register 25 over 19s/21s[?] for UCL. Man City will play...
lol where is this guy now? 3rd/ 4th div?
201 - 219 of 219 Posts
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