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Ex-Valencianista Aarón Ñíguez

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Seems that Aaron has joined glasgow rangers on loan for the season, good move for him as long as he actually gets some football, the scottish league should toughen him up a bit, much like it did arteta.....maybe.......
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i hope theres isnt a stupid purchase option..
if there is, and ranger never exercise it all we know is that aaron is bad and he will return to become deadweight.. and if he is good(which prob will be) rangers will sure snap him for the cheap purchase option price.. so no matter what we lose out
i think we realize how good is Aaron...lol we aint tht stupid
FCUK....2 years onloan with an option to buy

rangers official website
lmao i was jus about to say before i read the last comment err yh .... about that option to buy clause..... lol maybe its just wishful thinking from the rangers press?!
The main reason the option will have been put is that we recently loaned a player and he did well. Then we wanted to sign him and failed as his price went up after a successful spell with us.

We may have the option of an agreed price but he may not want to stay and there are a number of things that can happen.
i havnt seen much as this guy to be honest but if he is as good as some of you say than why is their a low option to buy? That just dosnt make sense
According to what Swoosh posted.

"I hope that moving to Scotland will give me an opportunity to learn. My aim is to show Valencia my quality."

There's probably a another buy back clause for us too.
yeah but dosnt it sound really stupid to have to end up paying for a player that we have trained and is a valencia player, i mean pablo for example!!, we could have just loaned him to getafe and took him back instead of having to buy him back. The clowns that are running this club should be removed before its too late
Yep, your right, the same think is happening with Sunny and Sisi :wallbang:
its almost too stupid to be true isnt it. Sunny is clearly very talented as with banega but we seem very intent on just giving them away. Its almost like we want to fail
Fair enough, we send them on loan, cause that's what we always do with young players, but giving them option to buy and as then buying back at a larger price, is ridiculous.
very true, i actually think that some of these young payers should be given a chance here first. It concerns me that we would rather give them away at the moment
I can't believe they have FIRST OPTION to buy him back?!

he's quoted as saying that he wants to stay at rangers after the loan is over.......great......
He just said he's not ruling it out, i still think he'd come back to us regardless.
The quotes are from the official Rangers magazine.

“I have not just come here to play and then leave again”

“I am here for two years and I want to progress in that time. It is my hope that I do well enough for Rangers that they want to sign me and keep me here on a permanent deal.

“My first target is to simply play good football in training and get into the team as I have come here to be successful.

“I am not even thinking about a life beyond Rangers. You never know what will happen in your career over time but I want to be here.

“I am only focused on working hard so that the club takes up its option to buy me and I am here for many years.”

“In coming here after a loan spell elsewhere, I suppose I am doing the same sort of thing as Mikel [Arteta] did before,” said Aaron, who had spells with Spanish second division side Xerez and Greek outfit Iraklis last term.

“It‘s tough to be a success in football and you have to take things step by step.

“When you look at Mikel now, he is a big success in the English Premier League and I want to take things gradually so that I end up being a big success here.”
i hate rangers. i now love celtic.... with all my heart
I'm sure he wants to prove himself in Spain.
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