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Ex-Sportingista Knocks Becks out of WC!

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Good to see ex portuguese league players making their mark on the world stage. ;) Duescler (spelling?). In fairness it was a 50/50 ball but don't watch it at match speed! OUCH!

That tackle had "made in Portugal" written all over it :cool:
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Muzza said:

That tackle had "made in Portugal" written all over it :cool:

In an interview with the press, Duescler*was asked to apologize to Beckham...he says "Why should I?"

HMMMM Maybe it was "made in Portugal";)
He apologized him today. That was not a 50/50 tackle. That should be awarded with direct free kick and yellow card (I don't know if red) - he can't fight for the ball that way, knowing the chance of injuring the other player is extremely high in that situation.

Aqui é a questão do bom-senso.
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