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Hello Everyone,
Only a few days left till the major event and i don't got my JERSEY! now watching the world cup and not wearing the offical jersey just isn't the same as watching it wearing one. So this is where i need the help portugal fans, I'm looking for the Offical NIKE cool motion AWAY Jersey the player must and has to be NUNO GOMES #21 i can't find his jersey anywhere, Figo heh no problem go to any jersey site , but so far i've really had no luck in finding this jersey. My mom isn't close with our relatives in portugal so i can't get them to mail it out for me.....I'm sure over there they got it. So if anyone can let me know where I can get the jersey or perhaps knows a site where i can order it I'd greatly apericate it , COST$$$$$$ means nothing in this case i just wanna get that damn jersey to support my team and my favorite player. Even if you can find the home jersey plz....pretty plz let me know. Thx everyone for your time and lets hope portugal goes all the way.
Send info to my E-mail: [email protected]
thx once again!!!!!!
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