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i'm interested in collecting any special shirts especially centenary collection. may you give me any info you know? :)

i know the spanish league more. so i just do the centenary one for the spanish clubs.

98-99 athletic bilbao
99-00 barcelona
00-01 espanyol
02-03 real madrid
03-04 atletico madrid

coming soon.
05-06 sevilla
06-07 deportivo
07-08 real betis
08-09 murcia
09-10 real sociadad
13-14 racing
16-17 mallorca
19-20 valencia
20-21 osasuna
21-22 malaga
23-24 villarreal
23-24 celta
28-29 valladolid
32-33 real zaragoza
40-41 albacete

what i want you to help is to post here any detail of any centenary (especially your teams) and special shirts (like brescia 90th anniv.) about the numbering, names and materials. if the ones are released, please post the year, the PHOTO, the detail, where can i get it (online shops or cautions) and anything special you know here like the above. for example, i know milan, manu, celtic, juvetus and some other clubs around the world either released their centenary shirts. may you give more detail about them?

make a list for your teams and your leagues like the above.

about manu's centenary shirt, no numbering for it?

and shirts with big names. (any country, any club around the world.) (maradona, pele, platini etc.)

thanks in advance. urgent. i need your favour. :)

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You probably wouldn't care, but Fulham are realeasing their 125yr centernary shirt for next season. Its an away shirt.


Pre-order your shirt by Friday April 30th and claim a FREE Fulham sports watch worth £14.99 (strictly subject to availability). You will also receive your shirt by Friday May 7th, the day before Fulham take on Arsenal at Loftus Road wearing the new away kit.

The new shirt also features the 125th anniversary logo to make it a real collectors item.

http://shop.fulhamfc.com/shop/ to pre-order

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You can send me that watch if you don't want it. ;)

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Ivan Helguera said:
:D thanks, i care about it. :tongue: but it is a bit too normal. ;)
What is too normal? The shirt? Not for us. We never have a blue shirt. ;)

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italian clubs

96-97 udinese (any photo?)
97-98 juventus
99-00 milan
00-01 lazio

04-05 siena
05-06 perugia
05-06 ancona
08-09 leece
08-09 inter
09-10 bologna
11-12 brescia
12-13 modena
13-14 parma
14-15 reggina
21-22 empoli
27-28 roma
29-30 chievo
46-47 sampdoria 96-97 50th

english clubs

74-75 bolton ?
74-75 villa ?
75-76 blackburn ?
75-76 birmingham ?
76-77 middlesbrough ?
77-78 wolves ?
77-78 manc ?
78-79 (02-03) everton ?
78-79 (01-02) manu (no numbering? only put on the white side?)
79-80 fulham ?
81-82 newcastle ?
82-83 hotspur ?
84-85 leicester ?
85-86 southampton ?
86-87 arsenal ?
92-93 liverpool
98-99 portsmouth ?

04-05 leeds (may be relegated in their 100th anniv. :()
05-06 chelsea
05-06 charlton

other leagues

88-89 (03-04) celtic 100th anniv. ?
95-96 boca junior 90th anniv. ?
01-02 river plate 100th
98-99 inter 90th anniv. ?
00-01 bayern 100th ?
04-05 benfica 100th
00-01 ajax 100th anniv.
01-02 brescia 90th anniv.

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anyone has speciality in football shirt? or do you have habbit in collecting shirts?

in fact, many people in hk have this habbit. what about that in your countries (regions)?

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Bayern Munich's wins hands down. Really nice. :cool:

Followed by Lazio.

The Milan jersey... reminds me of those guys selling popcorn at the cinema :D... or a NFL referee :googly:...

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Well Blackburn's centenary occured before the notion of creating a special shirt was around. However, our 125th anniversary occured in 2000, for which a special shirt was produced.

View here.

And of course I own this shirt, with a number 10 and "Ostenstad" on the back. :D

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Ivan Helguera said:
in fact, many people in hk have this habbit.
Yes, but I'm the only one who merely collects Parma away shirts! :howler: I don't have enough money or I would have bought more... :greed:

I'm curious to know if any people other than Hongkongers and Japanese would be so crazy to spend a fortune on their collections of football shirts. :) That Gilardino Parma match shirt costs HK$2200, and a Manchester United shirt (I don't know which one, but heard of something like that) might cost HK$20000...
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