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I decided not to post any pre-game info on this as a new Omen, In the past every time I did a pre math report we lost well this time I didnt and we didnt lose. This is how new rituals get started.:D

So now we have the Sunday and Monday tear towls out as Houlies is crying an how they should have won that match, Wake up lad, If you dont put the ball in the back of the net you dont deserve to win anything, or maybe he just had his Eyes closed through half of the match as Everton missed many chances to win that match as well. Moyes isnt crying about it. Then again Moyes isnt fighting to keep his Job either.

Moyes on the other hand was crying about a missed red card that should have been given for a foul on Rads. Come-on get over it. This is Anfield wy would he think that any call would go in his favour, has he forgotten the foul on Unsy by Gerrard, thats the way it is, you know that going in so why complain about it after the fact. Maybe as well that if Rads didnt have a rep at going down too easily he may have gotten the call...........Nah this is Liverpool were talking about so no matter what he wasnt getting the call.

Now Lets get back to the match and what a game it was, Everton played well yet at times let Liverpool dictate the pace of the game. When they didnt let them do that Everton looked the better side. The difference in Everton of last season and this one aas can be seem from this match, when we play hard for 90 minuets like we were doing last season we can play with anyone, yet if we only play like that for 45 minuets in the match like we have in this season then we get the results we have been getting.

Man of the Match has to be Martin, and for the pool Gerrard.
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