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What is an acceptable result for Euro 2008?

EURO08- what is an acceptable result for the tournament?

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For you what is acceptable?

Can we have a poll mods.

1-I will accept nothing less then winning the whole thing
2-I will except nothing less then semis
3-I will accept nothing less the quaters
4-I will accept nothing less then getting out of the group stage
5-I will accept anything
6-Other, please explain
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Our group is much tougher than most of us are expecting it seems. I know we have one of the easiest groups on paper but let's not forget Austria are the host, Poland are a solid well balanced team, and Germany are Germany. I will be very happy to get out of the group and into the quarterfinals, especially without Dudu.
Iz tvojih usta u Bozije usi Cevap.
This time our NT must shoot , then talk!! learn from tuco!
Spot on bro!:thumbsup:

BTW, I have to be honest and say that my confidence has been damaged after these friendly's and the injury to Dudu. I pray nobody else gets injured and that the guys will be up for it when the tourney starts, the first game will be key.
I'm afraid of this scenario as well HS. My only hope lies with the fact that our fans will be there in great numbers and will push the team forward. Unfortunately I too am expecting the worst but hoping for the best.
1 - 4 of 112 Posts
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