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What is an acceptable result for Euro 2008?

EURO08- what is an acceptable result for the tournament?

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For you what is acceptable?

Can we have a poll mods.

1-I will accept nothing less then winning the whole thing
2-I will except nothing less then semis
3-I will accept nothing less the quaters
4-I will accept nothing less then getting out of the group stage
5-I will accept anything
6-Other, please explain
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6. I will accept whatever we get as I have no choice.

I expect, however, that we get out of the group stage, and then we play russian rulette with the big boys :D
No. 4
after the previous cups I would be satisfied with passing the group and anything beyond this would be above expectations.
Although losing Eduardo and the side being relativly young and inexpierenced at playing tournaments plus the competion in our group tough, I will still be disapointed if we don't happen to pass our group but also not devistated.
5- Because I am kinda already satisfied with what we have done. Beating England twice and knocking them out is already enough for me.
4 - We haven't been past the group stages in what 10 years that's unacceptable in itself, we got granted basically the best possible group, failure to get past the group stage it will be just as bad as WC 06. I would say 2 but i can't for the life of me see us beating Portugal if we face them (which seems most likely), i'm scared of there pace coming up against tall, slow full-backs. We can't be happy just going out there and making up the numbers.
depends, I will either be really negative or semi-positive, depending on the upcoming results and the news leading up

If I am negative, I will expect Croatia to crash out and win one point (against Germany of course) but lose to Austria and Poland.

Though, what I seriously hope is at least quarterfinals, anything above that is a bonus
6. I want us play well and give it our best in every game. if other teams are simply better then there's nothing we can do about it.
I just hope we do better than that soccer worldpower Serbia :nervous: :scared:
And I think you have a great chance of making it out of the group stages. But I think that if it pans out as expected you'll struggle with Portugal in the QFs.
as of right now...

I think we should breeze by Austria, but that may be too cocky, but last time we played them in Vienna we blew them away 4-0. Germany will be a tight game, possibly one of these 0:0 matches, but I can see Germany win it. Poland will also be tight, but right now I give the egde to Cro

But again, this can all change in a matter of weeks, I might have to go Hajduk-negative when the tournament starts :D
Portugal are nothing to write home about, you will beat them.
though Croatia are historically terrible against them. That's the one "big squad" I want to avoid at all costs, but of course they are the prime opponents in the next round.

Italy is the one big team I am confident Croatia can beat, as Italy can't even beat Croatia in Italy :D
Getting out of the group stage is a must, and anything else is a bonus!
^^^Group stages as the dodgy Poles are something to worry about. They will disturb your game.

Usually they are the dodgiest of teams but they seem a little more cohesive.

But once in the knockout anything can happen.

Who the hell rates Portugal so very highly. Acne faced 13 year olds with Posters of the Gay Winger on their bedroom walls.

Homeboy may rule in the EPL but is a [email protected] for the NT.

A certain team beat them twice. And a certain RB completely wiped him out.

Good Luck. Cro does need to do well in this competition lest worse sides make it through.
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Noone beat Portugal twice. Unless you're referring to City beating United twice. I don't recall Ronaldo being in direct opposition to Corluka much in those games.

It's hardly just Ronaldo anyway, they have Deco, Simao, Quaresma, Carlvalho, Pepe, Bosingwa, Moutinho, Veloso etc, their main problem is a lack of striker and a class keeper. They can be a threat to anyone, though.
Noone beat Portugal twice. Unless you're referring to City beating United twice. I don't recall Ronaldo being in direct opposition to Corluka much in those games.
He's talking about Greece in Euro 2004. They beat them in the group stages and then in the finals...
Maybe I'm tired today but aren't options 3 and 4 the same?
Option 3 means winning the quarters and moving to the semis.
the way i saw it as well

1) winners
2) finalists
3) semi finals
4) quarter finals
5) group stages
6) something different
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