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Euro on Pay per view in the US!!

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This info is from www.soccertv.com ; if you don't know this site, get to know it!! Anyway, I'm posting this info b/c someone emailed Jan asking for info and he forwarded it to me, and I've tried to reply twice. Address I have keeps bouncing back with errors, so here's the latest:
Euro 2000

Setanta Sport holds EXCLUSIVE US TV rights to Euro 2000.

All 31 matches will be available to commercial establishments via closed-circuit TV, DISH Network, DirecTV, and InDemand cable pay-per-view.

TVN will offer the 4 quarterfinals, both semifinals, and the final live via pay-per-view to residential households with C-band satellite dishes.

The residential pay-per-view rate will be $19.95 per match or $149 for the entire tournament.

There will NOT be any live coverage of Euro 2000 on any non-pay-per-view US TV channel.

Univision will air 3 matches on 1-hour delay on the following Sundays at 1pm ET/10am PT: France vs Denmark on June 11, Slovenia vs Spain on June 18, and Quarterfinal #3 on June 25.

FOX Sports World and FOX Sports World Espanol will air all 31 matches on 1-week delay.

The Sports Network (TSN) holds exclusive Canadian TV rights to Euro 2000. TSN will televise all 31 matches in Canada either live or via same-day delay.
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You may think England's a ****hole but we're getting every single match free on national TV.
Bring on June 10th.
I also saw that announcement on soccertv.com (you're right - an excellent site!), but my question is this: I have RTPi and RAIi on the DISH Network - aren't the Portugal and Italia games being broadcast on those channels (similar to Santamaria getting the games for free in England)?
I think some matches will be broadcast for free based on prior agreements...but not all. I don't know who's broadcasting what...but with the pay-per-view you get them all. I know the US is not the only one doing this...I think Italy and other European countries are running packages for the whole tournament on a pay-per-view basis.
Well...I got TSN...so no need to worry there.

Plus I can just head down to Champs in montreal, its owned by a portuguese fellow who happens to be a good friend of mine, and watch all the Portugal games :)



Those of us here in the states who have RTPi will probably run into the same problem that occurred 4 years ago. RTPi sends out 2 different signals to Europe and to the Americas. People who get RTPi in Europe will be able to watch the games, but since they don't have any rights in the States, the games will probably be blacked-out. :-(
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